‘Net touch discovered with ‘Eye of the Hawk’ → Ask the director to review the video → Anxious eyes that cannot be hidden 

Woori Card won the match against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the afternoon of the 17th with a set score of 3-1 (25-18 25-18 24-26 25-16) and rose to 4th place.

In the first set, when Woori Card was leading 19-11, Kim Ji-han’s back attack, Shin Shin-ho, who started blocking, made a net touch. However, the game continued as it was, and Shin Shin-ho tried to attack again. However, Song Hee-chae succeeded in the dig and the ball went back to the Samsung Fire & Marine Co. court.

Ikbairi immediately attacked the passed ball and scored. Then Song Hee-chae appealed to director Shin Young-chul with a confident expression, and director Shin Young-chul asked the assistant referee to read the video.

It took some time to judge, but it was recognized as a net touch when Shin Shin-ho blocked. Driven by this momentum, Woori Card took the first set 25-18 and got off to a fresh start.

Despite the absence of Agamez’s injury, Woori Card’s Kim Ji-han recorded an attack success rate of 88.24% up to the second set, and took the lead.

In the second set, Kim Ji-han led the team by scoring three points in a row. With a 20-17 lead, Woori Card took the 2nd set with Kim Ji-han’s open attack and Song Hee-chae’s blocking.

In the third set, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance launched a counterattack after a close battle that went all the way to deuce. In the 4th set, Na Gyeong-bok, Lee Sang-hyun, and Kim Ji-han led the victory with even attacks. 메이저놀이터

Samsung Fire lost 7 consecutive losses with a team attack success rate of 44.79%. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance performed well with Ikbairi scoring 17 points and Kim Jeong-ho scoring 14 points, but the team failed to stop the defeat.

▲Song Hee-chae’s appeal, director Shin Young-chul, is asking the assistant referee to read the video.

▲Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Shin Shin-ho anxiously waiting for a video review request.

In particular, Woori Card Kim Ji-han led his team to victory by achieving the first triple crown in his career. Kim Ji-han scored 29 points, Na Gyeong-bok 17 points, Song Hee-chae 12 points, and Lee Sang-hyun 7 points.