National Kickboxing Competition and 4 National Games held in Gimcheon

The ‘2023 Happy Together Gimcheon National Kickboxing Competition’ and the Four Nations Games will be held at the Gimcheon Sports Town Indoor Gymnasium for three days from June 26 to 28.

Organized and hosted by the Gyeongsangbuk-do Kickboxing Association, the tournament will feature professional athletes from four countries (South Korea, Uzbekistan, Singapore, and Japan) representing their respective countries along with more than 400 amateur athletes from elementary to general categories.

The competition will be divided into two parts: mat sports, where points are awarded for striking points, and ring sports, where protective equipment is worn and the competition is conducted according to official rules.

In particular, the opening match of the tournament, which will be held at 2 p.m. on the 27th, is scheduled to be a national competition professional match where athletes representing Korea, Uzbekistan, Singapore, and Japan will compete.토토사이트

An official from Gimcheon City said, “We hope that the kickboxing tournament, a sports speculative event held in Gimcheon for the first time in a long time, will be a place where all athletes can showcase their skills without injury.”

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