My Dream Cast for a Live-Action Remake of ‘The Incredibles

Alas, no, I am aware of no immediate plans for Disney to produce a live-action version of The Incredibles. But if such plans should ever materialize . . . have I got a cast ready for them or what. 😉Emma would rock Helen’s grit & sass like no other actress available today & I will not be accepting criticism of that statement at this time. I know he’s a leetle too old now, especially as a partner for Stone, but he’s the only person I’ve ever been able to envision as Bob.  (Except Alan Hale, Jr., but he’s about six feet too old.) 안전놀이터 So it is what it is, peeps. I went back and forth on the casting for Violet.  I would also love to see what Millie Bobby Brown could do with the role, so it was difficult to decide.  In the end, I think Mackenzie Foy would still be my first choice, but I would have no real complaints about an MBB decision.I mean, he already voiced Dash in the sequel — and doesn’t he look the part??If I don’t get to see my precious sassy boy recreate the “wHeRe iS My sUpErSUiT” scene at least once in my life, then what, pray tell, has been the freaking point of it all?!

This casting isn’t original to me:  I had thought of it as well, years ago, when I watched a movie with Hunt in it, but I’d actually completely forgotten about it until I was searching for pictures for this post.  Then I saw someone else’s dream cast of Linda as Edna, and I remembered how perfect the idea is. 

If you were curious, my initial casting for Edna was going to be Alex Borstein.  I still think she would be wonderful in the role, but I do have to give top billing to Hunt. Mmmm, this one was tough.  I feel like Jonah Hill is the obvious choice, but for some reason it doesn’t feel quite right.  Plus — I don’t if it’s due to watching Arrested Development or what — something about Michael Cera seems to embody barely bridled chaos and I can see a Syndrome performance by him being Something Else.I think Kloss would reproduce Mirage’s femme-fatale intelligence flawlessly. I couldn’t come up with anyone for Kari, but then I thought of Amybeth and now I am here. for. it.  She would be fabulous. 

I don’t know why I want to see the cinnamon roll that is Tony Shalhoub play the “I’m not happy” guy — but I doCan’t you just picture Harrison Ford as the cynical, hard-bitten, world-weary PR director who is about 300% done with supers and all their nonsense?  I think he would bring the perfect sense of faintly amused, grudgingly affectionate sardonicism to the role. .

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