Man City legendary Silva, Lee Kang-in for Newcastle? Recruitment interest!

Will Kang-in Lee (21) follow the path of David Silva (37)? 

Lee Kang-in, an attacking midfielder born in 2001, is a talent that South Korea is proud of. He blossomed this season with his team, Real Mallorca, and played a big role in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. 

It is clear that Mallorca is an affectionate club for Lee Kang-in, but it is highly likely that he and the club will not last long. This is because it is close to impossible for Mallorca to afford Lee Kang-in’s rising ransom for a long period of time. As a result, Lee Kang-in is linked to multiple clubs and transfer rumors. 

The Spanish press <Marca> reported the details on the 8th. The media said, “The upcoming few weeks of this winter’s transfer market are expected to be a period in which an offer for Lee Kang-in can arrive at any time to general manager Pablo Ortels.”  안전놀이터

“According to current sources, the clubs interested in Lee Kang-in are Newcastle United, Aston Villa, Burnley FC, and Feyenoord Rotterdam. It is a situation where we can go. It is not easy to make a proposal through negotiations as Mallorca wants to leave Kang-in Lee at least until this season.” Villa, a quasi-level club in the English Premier League, Burnley, which is likely to be promoted in the second division, and Feyenoord, which may be able to advance to the UEFA Champions League, are all attractive options. However, among them, Newcastle, which is gathering talented players with enormous financial power, is interesting. Perhaps, like Silva, who became a legend after moving to Manchester City, which has enormous financial power, Lee Kang-in may walk the path at another club with enormous financial power. 

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