Lee Won-seok, who changed after going through Geelong, “I will recklessly increase my long hits…”

“In the meantime, I tried to hit hard without thinking. I tried to increase my on-base by using my speed and making balls in play.”

Lee Won-seok (23, Hanwha Eagles), who grew up again in the midst of failure, once again made up his mind.Lee Won-

seok joined Hanwha with the 34th overall in the 2nd 4th round of the 2018 rookie draft. He was a player who attracted attention from Hanwha, who could not be raised.,

As Hanwha began full-scale rebuilding, Lee Won-seok’s name appeared again last year.,Hanwha had to build a season without a single outfielder from 2021. FA (free agent) recruitment needed It was said that it was, but the 2022 season was greeted without recruiting a large outfielder.Lee Won-seok’s name has been mentioned since spring camp while young players need to grow.Lee Won-seok was given a chance in the demonstration game and finally entered the opening game and played as a starting center fielder. But that was all

. Lee Won-seok’s final results for the season were 20 games, 0.114 batting average, 1 home run, and 1 RBI. He was given a brief opportunity in April, and 1 game in July and 6 games in August were his only appearances.

Nothing . It’s not that he couldn’t show it. In the Futures League, he recorded a batting average of 0.278 in 65 games. He never exceeded the batting average of 0.230. He only had a maximum of 82 at-bats, and he was able to enjoy unprecedented experience in 217 at-bats. After the season headed to Australia, playing for Geelong Korea and having a good time, aiming for growth in the 2023 season.

Lee Won-seok, who returned from Australia, is currently still in the middle of building his body. In a phone call with this magazine, Lee Won-seok said, “After returning from Australia, I rested at home for about a week. After that, he moved to Daejeon and is concentrating on his workout,” he said. He said, “Senior Choi Jae-hoon took the young juniors and helped them do physical training at no cost.” Thanks to the help of my seniors, I am now concentrating on exercising. Exercising is difficult, so when I return home, I am so focused that I just fall asleep.” 바카라사이트

Geelong Korea said coach Lee Byeong-kyu’s advice was helpful. Lee Won-seok said, “I was able to go to Australia because the club gave me a good opportunity. I gained a lot of experience while dealing with foreign players,” he said. It was a big help. His response to changing balls or situations during the game was weak. He supplemented that part, and made an effort to increase on-base by making a lot of balls in play,” he explained.

Lee Won-seok said, “My strength is speed. Director Lee said, ‘Why don’t you just play it without saving it? “Once you put the ball in the ground, you have a higher chance of getting a hit,” he said. Conscious that he had to show that in the pro, he tried to hit too aggressively at the plate, and it seems that his swing got bigger.”

It’s not that I gave up on the long hit. Lee Won-seok said, “I have speed, so I felt last year that if the timing was good, I could get a long hit even if I was hit lightly.” If you think that you will lightly put the ball into the ground, you will get a long hit.

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