‘Lee Joo-young and Lee Chae-hyeong break away’ What is the card that Yonsei University, which has become thinner, has pulled out?

 Yonsei University, which is suffering from the evil spirit of injury, is looking for an answer in the back line combination.

Yonsei University faced a crisis from the beginning of the season. Injuries have been a problem since last season. Last season, Yonsei University was unable to build up its normal strength as Lee Min-seo was out for the season and Yang Jun-seok ended the season with an injury. As a result, they accepted the disappointing report card of being eliminated in the quarterfinals of the playoffs.

It seems that the evil spirit of injury has not left this season. Due to an injury suffered in Sungkyunkwan Daejeon on the 20th, Lee Joo-young will not be able to return to the regular league. In the next game, the home game against Dongguk University on the 24th, Lee Chae-hyung left the court due to an injury. As Lee Chae-hyung was also confirmed to have the same foot fracture as Lee Ju-young, the two players will inevitably miss the regular college basketball league.

One of the cards coach Yun Ho-jin pulled out was the appointment of Lee Kyu-tae as a small forward. Coach Ho-jin Yun said ahead of the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League home game against Dongguk University, which was held on the 24th at the Yonsei University Sinchon Campus Gymnasium, “Injuries are a problem following last season. I plan on experimenting with various things. Whether (Lee) Kyu-tae was appointed as the number 3 (small forward), or (Lee) Chae-hyung and (Lee) Min-seo were put together… (Ahn) Seong-woo and (Choi) Hyung-chan will see the situation and put in. It is also unreasonable to suddenly change players who had their original roles.” At this point where even Lee Chae-hyung is gone, the range of choices is further reduced.

Until now, Lee Gyu-tae has mainly digested 4 and 5 with Kim Bo-bae, Kang Ji-hoon, and Hong Sang-min. If Lee Kyu-tae plays with two big men and goes on the court as a small forward, three players approaching 200cm will play. Also, all three players can run. Lee Kyu-tae was put in with Kim Bo-bae and Kang Ji-hoon in the second half of the first quarter of the match against Dongguk University and took to the court as a small forward. 스포츠토토

Lee Gyu-tae was positioned at 45 degrees to the corner and opened up space. It was a play that was possible because he was Lee Kyu-tae, who could throw a mid-range shot and even a 3-point shot. He also took advantage of his tall height to rebound when his teammates shot. In the second quarter, the three players stepped on the court together and checked their breathing.

The strengths of this lineup have yet to emerge, but as the front line players have thinned out, Lee Kyu-tae’s appointment as a small forward can be an option to make the most of Yonsei’s resources. Regarding this after the game, Lee Gyu-tae said, “I haven’t run much with number 3 yet. I haven’t gotten used to it yet. There are injured players in the front line, so I think it will work out if I try harder. I think there is a strength in rebounding because three 200cm players are running together.”

Yonsei University, which has lost two valuable freshman resources, can use Lee Kyu-tae’s small forward appointment as a trick. Yonsei University will play an away game against Konkuk University on the 30th.

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