Lee Jae-seong said he was going to PL… Mainz coach/director “LEE will be with you next year too!”

 Bundesliga club Mainz 05 emphasized that Korean midfielder Lee Jae-seong (31) will be with them again next season.

In an interview with German media Bilt on the 18th (Korean time), the Mainz executives confirmed that they would stay, saying, “Lee Jae-sung will play for Mainz next year as well.”

Lee Jae-sung is one of the key members of Mainz this season. He is ranked third on the team in scoring with seven goals and three assists in 26 appearances during the 2022/23 season.

In particular, Lee Jae-sung won the Mainz February Player of the Month award while recording 3 goals and 2 assists in the month of February, and was also nominated for the February Player of the Month award in the Bundesliga.

As Lee Jae-sung has been very active this season, Mainz decided not to let Lee Jae-sung out during the upcoming summer transfer window. Lee Jae-sung is under contract with Mainz until June 2024, so attention is focused on which team he will play for next season.

As Lee Jae-sung’s outstanding performance made his future uncertain, Bo Svensson, the Danish coach who leads Mainz, insisted, “Lee Jae-seong is a very important player. The fact that Lee Jae-sung has one year left on his contract means that Lee Jae-sung will play for Mainz next year as well.” . 스포츠토토

Mainz director Martin Schmidt also said, “This season is the second season in the Bundesliga, and Lee Jae-sung is currently scoring regularly.” I know,” he said.

He went on to add, “Lee Jae-sung knows what he has in Mainz. There is a lot of effort on both sides to go along with composure.”

While the Mainz leaders are convinced that Lee Jae-seong will remain, Lee Jae-sung has already expressed his desire for a new challenge, so attention is being paid to how it will end.

Lee Jae-seong wrote on his blog on December 26, “I have a strong desire to grow once more in a different environment, whether it is in another country in Europe or Germany.”

He added, “I’m a person who has always pursued change. I think it’s the right timing again. Maybe it’s the last time to make a change,” hinting at the possibility of a transfer.

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