Lee Dae-jin, head coach of Hanwha, “Baseball is a battle of atmosphere, the first button in April is the most important”

 Head coach Lee Dae-jin (49), newly appointed to the Hanwha Eagles this season, emphasized that the atmosphere in April is the most important after the opening.

Hanwha has entrusted the head coach position to a foreign coach for the past two years. Darrell Kennedy, the base and operations coach, and former head coach Wes Clements assisted head coach Carlos Subero.

Communication with the coach and players was not difficult, but there were also disadvantages. It was inevitable that my understanding of the KBO League was less than that of domestic coaches.

Recognizing this, new Hanwha general manager Son Hyuk held a meeting with head coach Subero as soon as he took office, discussed the appointment of a domestic head coach, and coach Lee Dae-jin joined.

Coach Lee, who started his professional career by joining the Haitai Tigers (currently the KIA Tigers) in 1993, retired from the LG Twins in 2012 안전놀이터and walked the path of leadership at Hanwha. After that, he went through KIA pitching coach and took over as SSG pitching coach from the 2021 season.

In particular, as a bullpen coach last year, he contributed to SSG’s overall victory, and is expected to bring good energy to Hanwha, which lacks victory DNA.

Coach Lee, who met on the 17th (local time) at Bellbank Park in Mesa, Arizona, USA, Hanwha’s spring camp, said, “Our team has had poor grades in recent years, but this year the atmosphere is good. Many good players were recruited from outside, and The players are also growing, so it is difficult to make entries.”

Coach Lee, who experienced 10 consecutive wins at SSG last year, emphasized the importance of early momentum.

He said, “It is important how to hit the first button in April. Baseball is a battle of atmosphere,” he said. “As a coach, I am trying to give positive energy to the team during the camp.”

Coach Lee, who has been in charge of the head coach for the first time in his coaching career, said, “I have been a pitching coach for a long time, and I have also wanted to see the team more broadly as a head coach. So I have been steadily preparing.” This is the moment to realize it. I will provide a good direction for the team while assisting the coach.”

Coach Lee, who can speak basic English, said, “Communication between the coaching staff is especially important, and I play the role of a bridge between the coach and domestic coaches. receiving”, he laughed.

Hanwha has many young pitchers with outstanding talents such as Moon Dong-ju and Kim Seo-hyun. However, Coach Lee was wary of hasty expectations for them.

He said, “Both are good players, but it is important to play a full season without injury,” he said.

In addition, regarding the use of right-hander Lee Tae-yang, who tasted the championship at SSG, he said, “Currently, our team has good starting depth, so we are thinking about where (Lee Tae-yang) will be most helpful to the team.”

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