‘Leadership’ in the ‘one-man team’ after a stint as a player

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Our athletes are amazing.

We can’t leave out the story of Kim Eun-joong, the head coach of the national team.

Coach Kim, who has always given all the credit to his players, was overcome with emotion in today’s interview.

During his playing days, he was nicknamed ‘Sharp’ for his sharp play and incredible goal-scoring prowess despite losing the sight in one eye.먹튀검증

As he fulfils his unfulfilled dream as a youth representative this time as a head coach, his new leadership is attracting attention.

Kim Tae-woon is a reporter.

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At the end of a 120-minute battle.

Kim Eun-joong hugged his coaches and players and basked in the joy of reaching the quarter-finals.

He was so emotional that he cried.

[Kim Eun-jung/U-20 National Football Team Head Coach]
“It was a difficult game for us as well, and I want to thank our players, all 21 of them, for overcoming that as well.”

Kim Eun-jung is a rarely emotional coach.

“Even during the game, I often took out my notebook and wrote things down… Even when our player got a ridiculous foul and fell down…

Instead of protesting violently, he takes advantage of the situation and directs his tactics in a calm manner.

[Seo Hyung-wook/MBC commentator]
“Coach Kim Eun-joong is continuing to direct the players’ play rather than worrying about the referee…”

We also get a pass for our set pieces, with four of our eight goals in the tournament coming from set pieces.

[Steady Hwan/MBC commentator]
“It seems like we’ve been working a lot on set pieces, because it’s not just one time, we’ve been cutting it short to the near post and scoring from corners…”

Kim Eun-joong, who was hit by a ball in his third year of junior high school and virtually lost the sight in his left eye, has been a top prospect with his excellent goal-decision and sharp passing.

During his youth national team days in 1998, he and Lee Dong-gook beat rivals Japan to the top of Asia.

[Kim Eun-jung in 1998].
“I think it’s easy because we know each other so well, and just by looking at each other’s eyes, I think it’s easy to see how we’re going to move, and I think it’s very comfortable and good as a duo.”

However, at the World Championships the following year, the team suffered a heartbreaking last-place finish.

Fast forward 24 years to 2023.

Kim Eun-joong, a coach who understands the desperation of his players… but who is also equipped with the calm and sharp leadership that earned him the nickname ‘Sharp’ during his playing days.

He is quietly writing new history step by step.

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