Kyrie Irving, the best troublemaker in ‘FA’s biggest word reservation’, considers extending contract with BKN

Irving is considering staying in Brooklyn.

Reporter Chris Haynes of ‘Bleacher Report’ reported on the Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving on the 26th (hereinafter Korean time).

Irving decided to stay in Brooklyn for another year using his player option ahead of the season. Earning $36 million this season, Irving is one of the biggest free agents in the summer transfer market.

Even when deciding to opt-in, it seemed unlikely that Brooklyn and Irving would be together for much longer. Irving, who became the league’s best troublemaker, caused too many incidents after transferring to Brooklyn, and there were quite a lot of rumors that Brooklyn was trying to let Irving go.

But as the season progressed, the picture changed. Irving, who made the league noisy again with the promotion of an anti-Semitic movie at the beginning of the season, has been spending relatively quiet days since then, concentrating on basketball.

The situation in Brooklyn, which was headed for the worst, has also changed. With the departure of coach Steve Nash and the arrival of coach Jacques Vaughn, the team became much more solid tactically, and the team’s performance, which had been in the lower ranks, also increased. After a brief downturn due to Kevin Durant’s injury, Brooklyn is currently battling for second place in the Eastern Conference. 

Irving also said, “Coach Zach Vaughn is comfortable when he comes into the locker room. He sets a good example of how a leader should look. As our head coach and leader, I learned a few things from him, and thanks to him, I have a good relationship with my teammates and I can do my best. I was able to get the effect,” he said, leaving a positive interview about the new command tower. 안전놀이터

According to reporter Haynes, Irving, who is melting into Brooklyn, is known to be looking at a contract extension. Reporter Haynes added that if Irving signs an extended contract with Brooklyn, he can reach up to a four-year contract worth $200 million, and if he does not accompany the Nets, he will receive considerable attention from other teams.

Reporter Haynes said, “Kyrie Irving’s agent is looking into an extension contract with Brooklyn, and he said he has contacted Brooklyn regarding this.” Reported.

On the court, Irving deserves a massive, multi-year contract. Irving, averaging 26.7 points this season alone, is one of the best scoring machines in the league. He recently came out as a fixer in the absence of Durant, saving the team from a losing streak.

The question is whether Brooklyn can take the risk of Irving’s eccentricity. Right now, he is putting all his energy on the court, but considering Irving’s actions so far, it would not be strange if he was brought back to the cutting board as an issue at any time.

He’s a subject that can be debated enough even among Brooklyn fans. What will be the end of Irving and Brooklyn’s companionship?

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