KPGA ‘Golf Zone Open’ opens in Jeju… Who will be the first champion?

Golfzon, the largest golf information technology (IT) company in Korea, is hosting its first solo title tournament, ‘Golfzon Open in Jeju’. Previously, Golfzon was operating a co-title competition, but decided to hold an additional title competition this year. This decision reflects Chairman Kim Young-chan’s intention to contribute to the growth of Korean professional golf by contributing to the expansion of the golf base and providing opportunities to more players.

In addition, the logo of the tournament uses the symbol mark of Jeju Special Self-Governing Province to express its intention to contribute to the development of the local economy and coexistence of Jeju Island through the ‘Golf Zone’ and ‘Golf Zone Open in Jeju’. It is not an easy decision to host as many as two tournaments a year, but it shows that Golfzon wants to contribute a lot to the development of the Korean golf industry.

The venue of the tournament, ‘Golf Zone County Ora’, lastly held the 2019 KLPGA Jeju Samdasoo Masters, a professional tournament that has not been held for a while, presents a professional tournament through the ‘Golf Zone Open in Jeju’ in 4 years. The KPGA tournament has not been held for 8 years since the ‘2nd Biner Open’ in 2015. This tournament will be held on the East (out) course and West (in) course (par 72, 18 holes) from the 20th to the 23rd, and a total of 144 players will compete. The winner will receive a total of 140 million won in prize money.

In the fierce competition, event products cannot be overlooked. What is interesting is the observation point. As the 17th hole-in-one product, the ‘All New CR-V Turbo’, which was recently released as a full-change representative model from Honda Korea, is given.

The 8th hole-in-one product is given a set of 3 types of Master V6 medical appliances, Pulse M2 massage chair, and Cerabot robot vacuum cleaner. There are also prizes. The 64 strokes recorded by professional Kim Do-hoon at the Pocari Energen Open 1R in 2006 is the current course record for Golfzon County Ora. At the Golfzon Open in Jeju, a prize of 3 million won in cash will be awarded to those with a score of 63 or less.

A total of 144 players will participate in the ‘Golf Zone Open in Jeju’ held in 4 rounds of 72-hole stroke play. After the 2nd round, the top 60 pros (including ties) advance to the 3rd round. The winner of the competition will be awarded 2 seed years (2024-2025) and 1,000 Genesis points.토토사이트

Major players participating in the Golfzon Open in Jeju include Seo Yo-seop (DB Insurance) with 5 wins in total, Bae Yong-joon who won the first rookie award last year, Kim Bio (Hoban Construction) with 8 wins in total, and Golfzon-Toray last year. Tournament champion Park Eun-shin (Hana Financial Group), 2022 KPGA Tour Genesis Championship runner-up Ham Ham-woo (Hana Financial Group), and Ko Gun-taek (Daebo Engineering & Construction), who recorded their first win in the first tournament this season, are watching this tournament. It’s a point.

Meanwhile, in this tournament, Lee Seung-min (26. Hana Financial Group), the’US Adaptive Open’ champion organized by the United States Golf Association (USGA) in 2022, was listed on the list of participants for the’Golf Zone Open in Jeju’ as a recommended player. This tournament is Lee Seung-min’s 23rd KPGA Korean Tour appearance and his first participation in the 2023 season.

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