Kim Ji-han, who has risen as a new solver for Woori Card, ‘presence’ shines on and off the court

Outside hitter Kim Ji-han (24) of the men’s professional volleyball Woori Card is shining.

On his court, he plays the role of a team solver in every battle based on his increased confidence. He’s busy off the court too. Based on his high popularity, he takes the lead in driving crowds and heats up Jangchung Gymnasium.

Kim Ji-han is considered one of the most remarkable players in the men’s division this season. Kim Ji-han, who only played 27 games in the last 3 seasons, has transformed into a completely different player after joining Woori Card this season, and is already playing 20 games as of the 4th round. He also has a good record. He is breathing fire with 296 points and a 48.67% offensive percentage.

So lately, Kim Ji-han has nothing to fear. After winning 3-2 in a match against leading Korean Air on the 14th, Kim Ji-han said, “I thought it would be nice if the ball came up more often (so that I could attack more)” As for the secret, he did not hide his confidence, saying, “I thought I could stop it, so I was caught one or two.”

In the face-to-face match against KEPCO on the 10th, he drew attention by engaging in a sparkling serve match with his opponent and ‘best friend of the same age’ Lim Seong-jin. 바카라사이트

At that time, Kim Ji-han announced the direction to Lim Seong-jin, scored a goal with a powerful serve spike, and induced the crowd to shout with a big ceremony. In short, confidence, momentum, and ability are all ‘water up’.

Woori Card, led by Kim Ji-han’s rising trend, recorded 12 wins and 9 losses (32 points), closely chasing OK Financial Group (33 points), which is in the playoffs, in 3rd place with a difference of 1 point.

Kim Ji-han’s effect is not only displayed on the court. Many fans are looking for the gym to see Kim Ji-han, who has become the ‘star of Jangchung’.

Woori Card attracted an average of 2422 spectators this season, ranking first in the men’s division. Even at the Korean Air Match on the 14th, when 3,217 people, the largest number of spectators in the men’s division this season, entered, placards with phrases such as “I fell in love with Kim Ji-han” and “Jangchung today to see Kim Ji-han” were easily found.

An official from Woori Card explained, “The cheerleading seats named ‘Kim Ji-Han-Seok’ are sold out first.” “As Kim Ji-Han’s popularity increased, the number of spectators clearly increased. Especially, the number of younger fans has increased.”

Kim Ji-han, who directly feels that the fans’ personal support and placards have increased, said, “I get a lot of contact through social media, and many people ask for autographs when I go to the bus after the game.” He expressed his opinion.

Next, Kim Ji-han said, “Each game is not easy, but with the current atmosphere and performance, the upcoming Hyundai Capital match (19th) will also have good results.”

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