Kim Ha-seong, competition for the main SD… “I’ll tell you sexually.”

Major Leaguer Kim Ha-seong is expected to compete fiercely for the starting position within his team this season. Kim Ha-seong showed strong confidence that he would prove his skills with his grades. This is reporter Jo Han-dae.


This season is not going to be easy for San Diego’s Kim Ha-seong, who is entering the third year of the big league. 안전놀이터

They will have to jump into contention for the starting spot alongside recently acquired league-leading shortstop Sander Bohartz and returning Fernando Tatis Jr.

<Kim Ha-seong/San Diego infielder>

“Competition means that no matter which team you join, you always have to compete, so I think I have to be confident and prepare well for what I can do.”

Ha-seong Kim, who has already spoken with San Diego General Manager Preller, is willing to accept a change from shortstop to second baseman.

<Kim Ha-seong/San Diego infielder>

“(General Manager Preller) said that he would play a lot of games as a second baseman, but he said he would like the team to prepare as a shortstop now, and I agree with that.”

In the end, the only thing needed to win the competition for the starting team within the team is skill, and Kim Ha-seong knows this well.

<Kim Ha-seong/San Diego infielder>

“I think I have to do well. First of all, our team thinks that our team’s goal is to have a good player on the field…”

Ha-seong Kim, who is about to participate in the WBC in March before the start of the league, did not hide his strong aspirations with strong confidence.

<Kim Ha-seong/San Diego infielder>

“I will do my best to catch the two rabbits, the WBC and the season, and I will do my best to show results as much as I have prepared hard.”

This is Yonhap News TV Jo Han-dae.

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