KGC Ginseng Corporation director Kim Sang-sik, “Carrot, is so touching” … Kim Seung-gi, director of Carrot, “I was very happy for a year in Goyang”

“Carrot, so touching” (Kim Sang-
sik, director of KGC Ginseng Corporation) “I was so happy for a year in Goyang” (Carrot

coach Kim Seung-gi ) They defeated Goyang Carrot 89-61 in the first round of the river playoffs. They advanced to the championship match with 3 wins and 1 loss. From the 2020-2021 season, it has been on the best stage for three consecutive seasons.

Byun Jun-hyung (185cm, G) announced the start with a breakthrough and block shot. Moon Seong-gon (195cm, F), who specializes in defense and rebounding, greatly shook the Carrot defense with a 3-point shot. KGC Ginseng Corporation took the lead with a double-digit score difference (19-8) 4 minutes and 4 seconds before the end of the first quarter.

KGC Ginseng Corporation, which took the lead, focused more. However, the selection of players was relaxed. Yang Hee-jong (195cm, F), who was injured, was also put on the court. Several players did their part, and KGC Ginseng Corporation ran away 35-19 in 3 minutes and 51 seconds from the start of the 2nd quarter. Carrot used up all of his timeouts in the first half.

Kgc Ginseng Corporation, which showed an overwhelming difference, started the 3rd quarter with 47-26. Various players such as Omari Spellman (203cm, F), Oh Se-geun (200cm, C), Jeong Jun-won (194cm, F) and Moon Seong-gon burst into three points. The score gap between KGC Ginseng Corporation and Carrot widened further.

KGC Ginseng Corporation started the 4th quarter with 78-48. Victory is at hand. I didn’t let go of the victory I caught. Finished the last game of the series without difficulty.

KGC Ginseng Corporation coach Kim Sang-sik said after the game, “The players on both teams showed their fighting spirit. I will prepare well and face the championship match.”

He continued, “Although I am the manager of the opposing team, Carrot’s coaching staff and players were impressive. I want to tell you that I suffered,” he added.

Meanwhile, Carrot has a record of 1 win and 3 losses in the series. Although they achieved results that exceeded expectations, they did not reach the top stage.

Carrot was pushed to 0-6 in 1 minute and 8 seconds of the game. Lee Jung-hyeon (187cm, G) fired a signal flare, but Carrot could not respond to KGC Ginseng Corporation’s strong pressure defense and 3-point shot. It was pushed to 8-19 4 minutes and 4 seconds before the end of the first quarter.

Lee Jung-hyun and Didric Lawson (202cm, F) continued to be sluggish. Jeon Seong-hyun (188cm, F) even fired a logo shot, but Carrot could not narrow the score with KGC Ginseng Corporation. Carrot coach Kim Seung-gi, who had to quickly narrow the score gap, consumed the last timeout of the first half in 3 minutes and 51 seconds from the start of the second quarter.메이저사이트

Nevertheless, Lee Jung-hyun and Lawson’s offensive power did not come out seldom. The reason why Carrot was overwhelmed by 26-47 in the first half. We had to close the score gap in the third quarter, but we couldn’t. KGC Ginseng Corporation’s three-point firecrackers shook more. Carrot, who was greatly shaken, met the end in front of the home fans.

Carrot coach Kim Seung-gi said after the game, “I was tired. His feet didn’t come off. I think what he bet on in Game 3 had an aftermath in Game 4,” he said.

After that, “I was so happy. thank you players Everyone ran to their deaths without sacrificing themselves. No regrets. In particular, I was very grateful to the fans. As happy as I felt during the seven years in Anyang, I was as happy during the year in Goyang,” he said.

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