Kershaw raises possibility of not participating in WBC

The US baseball team, which lacks mound power compared to fielders, is in an emergency. The possibility of Clayton Kershaw (35) not participating in the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) has been raised.

The Los Angeles Times reported on the 안전놀이터17th (hereafter Korean time) that he will compete in the WBC only after Kershaw solves some problems.

According to this, Kershaw is reviewing several issues for his participation in the WBC. Team USA general manager Tony Riggins is also working to address the issue.

Neither Kershaw nor Riggins said what the problem was. As a result, there is speculation that there is a problem with Kershaw’s physical condition.

In addition, there may be conflicting opinions about the number of appearances and innings pitched within the WBC. As the WBC is held in March, right before the start of the regular season, you need to be careful about injuries.

The U.S. baseball team, which aims to win the WBC this time, includes many top-notch fielders. However, the evaluation of the mound falls short of this.

In fact, there is no American player among the best right-handed, left-handed, and reliever pitchers in this WBC. Starring Sandy Alcantara, Julio Urias, and Edwin Diaz.

Among American starting pitchers, Kershaw is the most reliable. Kershaw’s departure is the disappearance of a pitcher who will be in charge of a game.

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