Japanese media “3 reasons why Otani’s ransom could reach 500 million dollars”

American professional baseball Japanese major leaguer Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) is expected to reach $500 million (approximately 618.5 billion won) after the 2023 season.

Sponichi, a Japanese sports newspaper, cited ESPN’s report on the 19th for its Internet version and cited three reasons why Ohtani wants to become the first 500 million dollar player.

Ohtani will qualify as a free agent (FA) after the 2023 season.

Sponich cited three reasons, saying, “A player with a total of $500 million does not exist in the professional sports world.” 안전놀이터

The first reason was “there was no player like him in the past”, and the second reason was “a club with a lot of money has few rivals aiming to acquire it”. And as the last reason, he cited it as a “global sensation” and explained why it alone produces a great economic effect as a global entity.

Ohtani, who caused a sensation in 2018 with a double job as a pitcher, appeared in 23 games as a starting pitcher in 2021 and posted a record of 9 wins, 2 losses, and an ERA of 3.18. That year, he posted 46 home runs and 100 RBIs and was awarded the American League MVP for his perfect performance in hitting.

Ohtani appeared in 28 games last year and recorded 15-9 with an ERA of 2.33, batting average of 0.273, 34 homers, 95 RBIs and 90 points. He failed to win the MVP award for the second year in a row behind Aaron Judge, but he is receiving attention from major league clubs.

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