“It’s still only 50% of its potential…” Resolving the worries of a 138-win legend who was struggling, the difference between ideal and reality 

 “It’s not easy to be patient. I’m the type to say what I want to say…”

Maybe it’s because he’s done his ‘homework’. I was faced with an unexpected body slaughter.

The 2023 season is the year Bae Young-soo debuted as the ‘main pitching coach’. He is a legend with 138 wins in the KBO League, but his leadership career is still limited.

His debut at Samsung, Hanwha, and his final season at Doosan in 2019. After his retirement, he started the leader in 2020 as an assistant pitching coach for the Doosan 2nd team. Until last year, he served as the bullpen coach for Doosan’s first team, and this year, he wore a Lotte uniform as the town hall for general manager Seong Min-gyu.

He’s having an impressive season. He raised Lotte to a team competing for the lead in the league. SSG Landers tied for 1st and placed 3rd, just 2 games behind LG Twins. The difference between 4th place NC-Doosan is 3 and a half games.

In April, the starting lineup, excluding Na Kyun-an, was sluggish at once, but the bullpen operation was watertight and brought the team to the top. In May, other starters such as Barnes Strayley, Park Se-woong, and Han Hyeon-hee gained more leisure as their pace improved. Pil Seung-jo’s shoulders were heavy in the bullpen, but he was praised for his management of minimizing the crowd by appointing as many players as possible.

Last week, Coach Bae smiled broadly, saying, “It’s not easy to be a pitching coach, but it’s fun and rewarding.” The starting lineup has regained some level of skill, and reliever pitchers such as Choi Yi-joon and Choi Jun-yong are back on track. Regarding Na Kyun-an and Kim Jin-wook, he showed pride that he was “completely established”.

Coach Bae laughed, saying that the most difficult part of being a pitching coach was ‘not being able to say everything I wanted to say’.

“Originally, I’m the type to point out things. I thought a lot about ‘It would be different if it were me.’ Now that I’ve come, it’s not easy to say a word. I’ve been patiently watching for a month in April. I can see that the players are feeling the pressure.

At the time of spring camp, coach Bae used to drive the players hard. He oversees the pitching field, but he trusts and entrusts a lot of details. The overall training was entrusted to training coach Kim Hyun-wook. Even Han Hyeon-hee, a sidearm, was followed by coach Kim like a shadow. Lefty Kim Jin-wook was marked exclusively by bullpen coach Kang Young-shik. Like his older brother, Lim Gyeong-wan, pitching coach for the 2nd team, took care of the players and helped with the overall training.안전놀이터

He picked Park Se-woong as his ‘next homework’. That you should have a more active mindset.

“Park Se-woong is a pitcher who can win 20 games. However, his maximum is 12 wins. He has only displayed 50% of his potential.

On the 19th, Park Se-woong, who had been waiting for a long time, made a quality start (6 or more starting innings and 3 earned or less) and earned his first win of the season. Is that why your mind is at ease? Coach Bae was removed from the first team on the 21st due to a rare ‘body aches’.

Coach Hyun-wook Kim was registered as the pitching coach for the first team instead of coach Bae. The strong trust relationship between the two stands out. Coach Bae expressed his strong confidence towards fall baseball, saying, “Thanks to Coach Kim, there is no pitcher who has lost his strength yet.”

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