It’s called panic disorder… National Loan KLPGA Golfer Controversy Over ‘Lesson Fee Eating’

A professional golfer who joined the KLPGA (Korea Women’s Professional Golf Association) in 2010 and served as a national representative was caught up in the so-called ‘eating and running’ controversy that he did not complete the lesson after receiving a lesson fee from golf beginners.

According to the victims on the 6th, professional golfer A signed an agreement with a driving range in Gwanggyo New Town, Suwon, Gyeonggi Province last year and gave lessons to members.

In August of last year, member B, who registered as a member at the driving range and decided to take lessons from A, paid 1.2 million won, including 500,000 won for 3 months of driving and 700,000 won for 30 lessons.

However, Mr. A showed an insincere appearance, such as unilaterally canceling the scheduled lesson for personal reasons such as truancy, cold, and traffic accident. In the end, there was a situation where lessons were suspended for a long time due to discord with the golf driving range.

Member B requested a refund from A in October of last year when it became impossible to complete the lesson within the set period. Mr. A put off requesting refunds from some members, including Mr. B, for about 20 days, and on November 22 of the same year, through the lesson application, he announced that he had ‘a panic disorder’ and canceled the lessons en masse, and announced that he would refund them within a few days.

However, Mr. A later unilaterally deleted the related information from the lesson app and did not keep the promise of refund. It is said that Mr. A moved to a golf driving range in another area shortly after and gave lessons to new members.

Previously, Mr. A signed an agreement with the practice center by paying a private business and taking all the lesson fees with his own profits. Considering Mr. A’s popularity, the practice center expected that the number of long-term members would increase, and entrusted all authority for lessons to Mr. A. It is known that about 70 members took lessons from Mr. A at the practice field. The total amount of damage is estimated to be in the tens of millions of won.

Mr. B said, “I found out that Mr. A, who canceled lessons due to panic disorder, resumed lessons at a golf driving range in a different area shortly after.” Since then, we have not responded to requests for refunds.”

He continued, “I did not receive half of the promised lessons, and the use of the training ground is also related to the lessons, so the damage is great.” I am concerned about this,” he pointed out, and predicted criminal charges against Mr. A. 안전놀이터

The practice center said, “(Mr. A’s) attendance was not good, so there were a lot of complaints from members, and the members who were damaged asked us for a refund.” It’s okay. We are reviewing legal measures such as claiming damages against Mr. A.”

The mobile phone number that Mr. A disclosed to the members is currently confirmed as a ‘non-existent number’. It is known that this is the number that Mr. A registered with the KLPGA.

A KLPGA official said, “(Mr. A) is currently a member of the association,” but said, “If there is no phone number, there is no way to contact us.