“It was an honor to help Ronaldo, now it’s time to conquer 亞”

Maybe it was because he became a defender who scored two goals in the World Cup, which is difficult even for strikers to achieve. Kim Young-gwon (Ulsan Hyundai), who contributed greatly to the dramatic advance to the round of 16 by scoring an equalizer against Portugal as vice-captain Bentoho, showed a much brighter and lighter smile than when we met two months ago.

Kim Young-kwon, who appeared in a neat suit at the filming site of MBN’s ‘Sports Night’, related to his new nickname ‘Miracle Man’, “I didn’t even think I would score a goal, but on the day of the match against Portugal, I went to the stadium by bus and somehow felt good and the weather was nice안전놀이터. I thought I could win.” Even after scoring his own goal, he said, “I couldn’t see the ball, but it fell right in front of me. It was an honor and I was grateful to score a goal with Cristiano Ronaldo’s help because it’s something I’ll never do again in my football life.”

However, Kim Young-kwon spent more time looking ahead than appreciating his past victories. Kim Young-kwon emphasized, “If you have seen how to pass the preliminary rounds, now is the time to develop the ability to win in tournaments.” Regarding the new coach, he said, “I hope that a new coach will stand by the players and protect the players. Explained.

Born in 1990, he has fewer days to run than the days he has run so far, but he also revealed his will to contribute as much as possible. Kim Young-kwon said, “I don’t know if I’ll be able to play until four years later, but there’s a clear difference between participating in the World Cup three times and participating in the fourth. First of all, one year,

There are also goals set along the way. Kim Young-gwon, who kept his promise two months ago to make it to the round of 16 and change the reporter’s plane ticket schedule, presented a new promise again. When the talk of 10 goals came out, Kim Young-kwon, who said, “It’s already 7 goals and I’m greedy because there are 3 goals left,” said Kim Young-kwon, who said, “It’s bothering me that we haven’t won the Asian Cup yet.” It was unfortunate that we lost, but as the next Asian Cup will be held in Qatar, we will show ‘Again 2022’.”