Into the Mind’s Eye: The Art of Peter Standen

We’re now over half way through our current exhibition, Into the Mind’s Eye: The Art of Peter Standen at Collingwood College, Durham University.

There was an excellent turnout for the private view from both the University and wider community in the North East and best of all안전놀이터, a really positive reaction to the work on show. Peter Standen and his wife travelled down from Edinburgh for the weekend, and everyone enjoyed hearing Peter’s stories about the inspiration behind his work and the rare chance to get a first hand insight into the mind of such an imaginative and provocative artist.

Peter’s work is a fabulous mixture of humour, at times an unsettling vision of things to come, as well as an extraordinarily colourful and bold visual record of his many travels. As Murdo MacDonald wrote in the Scotsman newspaper, “Standen’s work is serious entertainment shot through with black humour which casts us into a world of speculative fiction in which places as we know are transformed by time.”

To read a feature about the exhibition in May’s edition of Etc North East magazine, click below.

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