Instead of ‘Tennis’, I see ‘I’…26, Smashing in Osaka

I see You. In Korean, it translates as ‘I see you’. This is a quote from the movie ‘Avatar: Road to Water’. Directly translated, it translates as ‘seeing you’, but if you count the meaning, it is as deep as ‘the road of water’. The meaning of looking into the identity of ‘you’, the meaning of acknowledging, respecting and understanding ‘you’, and even more.It’s ‘I see You’ again. All these words are directed to Osaka Naomi (26). Osaka has been a top star in women’s tennis since Serena Williams retired. But last week, she announced that she would not be playing at the Australian Open, which every tennis player looks forward to. Many people were surprised. Leaving that background, the rumors came and went. And Osaka announced her pregnancy through Instagram today (the 12th). “In 2023, there’s a new change in your life,” she wrote, leaving a message saying, “I hope a kid will one day see my game and say to someone, “That’s my mother.”Osaka seems to be able to stand on the court again at the earliest, at the Australian Open a year later. At 26, taking a break at a time when you are at your best as a sports player and you need to do your best, it is not an easy decision. Athletes struggle to stay in their prime for a long time. Giving up the most personal things is also taken for granted. Just look ahead and run. This is why the choice of Osaka is unique.Osaka listened to its own voice. She asked herself which option would be happier, and decided accordingly. The British media ‘Guardian’ compared it to ‘quietly quitting’, a recent social phenomenon. It seems to be saying that there are things in a person’s life that are more important than tennis and success. 온라인카지노

Last year, ahead of the French Open, he caused a stir by refusing to hold a press conference. It made me look back on the culture of suffering from all sorts of questions in the world and bearing mental wounds just because I am a star. It raised a problem with the wrong culture in the sports world that was taken for granted.
Osaka seems to answer someone’s question, “I see you,” with the question, “Who am I?” Hoping for the small happiness felt in everyday life rather than the joy of winning a victory that comes by chance. So I think Osaka’s choice should be respected and supported.#Netflix’s recent documentary ‘Break Point’ shed light on the mental pain of tennis players hidden in the colorful spotlight. The lives of athletes, who are always forced to compete throughout the year and have to digest tough competitions, are far from peaceful. You have to endure the constant wounds of defeat, the endless fatigue of the forced march, and even the ridicule of the fans. Osaka rebelled against the fate of such tennis players.

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