Infielder Yoon Jeong-hoon “Confidence in defense through repeated training”

It is becoming a ‘baseball machine’ through repeated basic training.”

The Samsung Lions, who let go of veteran infielders Kim Sang-soo and Oh Seon-jin through FA transfers last year, are expected to compete fiercely for starting positions in the infield this season.

In the midst of the internal competition to lead the future infield from rookie players to top players, infielder Yoon Jeong-hoon has also taken a step forward.

In the 2022 rookie draft, Yoon Jung-hoon, who was nominated by Samsung along with Lee Jae-hyeon, Kim Young-woong, and Cho Min-seong, in the same infielder position, is absorbing defense from the “national shortstop” coach Jin-man Park and batting skills from hitting coach Park Han-i.

In November of last year, the rumored ‘Okinawa Finishing Camp in Hell’, which was rumored to have the highest level of training, was digested from beginning to end.

Yoon Jeong-hoon said, “I had the best training ever. Especially after running and consuming my strength, when I did defense or technical training, my strength was damaged, but my body moved by itself. (Park Jin-man) As the coach said, the defense movement was automatic, as if it had become a machine. It was created,” he said.

He added, “Even in defensive training, I constantly repeated the set motion. It really felt like I was becoming a ball-catching machine.”

It was definitely hard training, but he explained that he felt that he had improved a lot.

He said, “It was difficult, but I gained a lot of confidence in defense. With confidence, I had more time to watch the ball, and I learned more about the sense of stability that the coach seeks.” I think Jinin is a good player. I think the only answer is repeated training to become that way.”

He continued, “Coach Park Han-i taught me a lot about batting skills. When I lift my legs and swing, my weight tends to shift forward, but I was instructed to swing with my center of gravity back. I am still training,” he added.바카라사이트

Unlike his fellow infielders last season, Yoon Jung-hoon has yet to taste the first-team stage. But that’s why he has a different mindset. This season, his motivation is also clear, as more chances can be given to prospects in particular.

He said, “I want to show my value by participating in the spring camp. I will prepare hard and show a good performance.”

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