Impressed by Kim Seong-geun’s one-point lesson… “It’s an experience money can’t buy.”

“When will I get an opportunity like that?”

Gyeongbuk High School infielder Lim Jong-seong had a special experience this year. He appeared on JTBC’s popular entertainment program ‘Strongest Baseball’ and received personal coaching from manager Kim Seong-geun, who is called ‘Yasin’. It was a short time, but the one-point lesson had a great effect. He said he was happy to find a solution to fix the shortcoming.카지노

On the 27th, ahead of the 78th Cheongryonggi National High School Baseball Championship and Weekend League match against the Wangjungwangjeon water vault held at Mokdong Baseball Stadium, Lim Jong-seong, who met with SpotTV News, seemed unable to forget the moment he met coach Kim Seong-geun.

Lim Jong-seong smiled, saying, “It was nice to be able to publicize our school widely while appearing on a popular program called Strongest Baseball.

Lim Jong-seong was able to take lessons from coach Kim Seong-geun at the request of Gyeongbuk High School coach Lee Jun-ho. Coach Lee Jun-ho, who saw Lim Jong-seong practicing batting before the game, asked coach Kim Seong-geun to “take a look at the player.” Director Kim Seong-geun, who readily took lessons, watched Lim Jong-seong with the eyes of a hawk, and showed enthusiasm by even demonstrating himself.

Lim Jong-seong said, “I was often pointed out that my swing was big when hitting. When I joined the pros, I had to hit the ball faster, but I heard that it was difficult to match the timing with a big swing like now. What should coach Seong-geun Kim do to compensate for that? informed,” he said.

He said, “In fact, I thought I would receive simple guidance at first, but he really did it with passion. I didn’t feel nervous or nervous. Rather, I tried to focus on it because I thought it was an experience that money couldn’t buy. I tried not to leave it out and remember it. I tried to reflect the things I learned as much as possible in this competition.”

The reason Jong-seong Lim started playing baseball was greatly influenced by his older brother, Bonri Elementary School coach Lim Jong-heon. After graduating from Gyeongbuk High School, Coach Lim is walking the path of his leader. Lim Jong-seong said, “I saw my brother playing baseball and said to my parents, ‘I want to play too.’ I looked back.

The little baseball player has become a young man who is about to join the pros. Lim Jong-seong is 183cm tall and has a strong physique of 85kg. He is a mid-to-long-distance hitter and an infielder who is equally equipped with the triple time of offense and defense. He’s a strong dog, so he shows strength in defense as well. He was even voted a high school Agu All-Star.

Lim Jong-seong raised his voice, saying, “Even if I go to the pro, I want to become a player who has not only skills but also personality. I like San Diego Padres senior Kim Ha-seong. I will become a hitter representing Korea like Kim Ha-seong.”

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