I’m sorry… ‘violence’ Mane-Sane, ‘apology’ to colleagues

Sadio Mane and Leroy Sane apologized to their teammates.

In the first leg of the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) this week, a ‘big match’ took place. Manchester City and Bayern Munich, considered strong candidates for the championship, met in the quarterfinals. A lot of fans’ attention was focused on the ‘final level match’. Considering the recent momentum, Manchester City’s advantage was expected, but Munich was always a formidable opponent.

The result was Munich’s complete defeat. After giving the lead in the 27th minute with a fantastic mid-range shot by Rodri, Bernardo Silva and Elling Haaland scored additional goals in the second half to make the score 0-3. Munich’s proud offensive power was completely blocked by Manchester City’s defensive wall. 메이저사이트

With this defeat, Munich was put on the verge of ‘elimination’. Although the second leg will be held at home, it is almost ‘impossible’ to overturn the 3-point score considering Man City’s recent atmosphere.

Of course, the team atmosphere cannot be good. An unfortunate incident occurred under these circumstances. It was a situation of ‘violence’ within the team. According to German media ‘Bild’, Mane had an altercation with Leroy Sane during the match, which continued after the final whistle blew. Their feelings escalated and Manet even punched Sane in the face.

Munich was taken aback by the sudden situation. Accordingly, the leaders had a conversation with Mane and Sane through a three-way face-to-face meeting. According to the German media ‘Bild’,

Afterwards, Mane and Sane returned to team training. And here he apologized to his teammates. ‘Football Daily’, which delivers football news, said, “Mane and Sane apologized to their teammates for causing a disturbance in training today.”

Of course, it seems that Manet will not escape punishment. Florian Plettenberg, well versed in German news, said fines, business suspensions and even sales could occur.

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