“I’ll be an exemplary senior, feeling familiar but different,” says man who returned to family OK after Samsung Fire→Woori Card struggle.

“I’ll be an exemplary senior.”

Outside hitter Song Hee-chae (31) has returned to her family. OK Financial Group sent Song Myung-geun to the Woori Card in a one-for-one trade in late May and received Song Hee-chae.

Song made her professional debut in the 2013 Rookie Draft, where she was selected by Rush & Cash (now OK Financial Group) with the third pick of the first round. Since then, she has been a regular member of the team and helped them win two championships.

Song Hee-chae returns to OK Financial Group after a five-year absence. Photo courtesy of OK Financial Group Volleyball Team토토사이트
After the 2017-18 season, Song Hee-chae became a free agent for the first time and moved to Samsung Fire. She was then traded to Woori Card shortly before enlisting in the military. After two seasons with the Woori Card, Song Hee-chae returned to her family after two trades and one free agency.

In her professional career, Song has played 281 games, amassing 2279 points, an attacking success rate of 49.18%, and a receiving efficiency of 51.654%. She is considered to be the player who will solve the problem of OK Financial Group, which is somewhat unstable in receiving.

OK Financial Group head coach Ogino Masa said of Song Hee-chae, “I’ve watched a lot of videos of her. She plays the same position as me. She came and we talked a lot. I’m especially looking forward to her receptions. I’m also looking forward to her offense. I’m looking forward to it a lot, so I hope she can lead the team well.”

On the 12th, Song Hee-chae, who met at the OK Financial Group practice gym in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, said, “I’m back after a long time. I’m in a familiar place. I’m grateful that the coach said he needed me. I’m having fun playing volleyball these days,” she said.

It’s been five years since she left the team in 2018. A lot has changed in five years. The location of the team’s facilities, including housing and cafeteria, has changed.

“Everything was next to the gym,” he says, “but now it’s all changed. I definitely feel like I’m in a new place every time I go,” he laughed.

Song Myung-geun and Song Hee-chae meet as enemies. Photo by Kim Jae-hyun
Song’s best friend, Song Myung-geun, was one of the top three players on the team. The two players had talked about playing on the same team again someday, but they will continue to go head-to-head between the nets in the upcoming season.

“I’m used to trades, but it’s probably going to be awkward for Myung-geun because it’s her first time, but I think it’s a good opportunity for both of us,” says Song Hee-chae. “We don’t talk often, but we keep in touch to see how we’re doing. I think it’s right to support each other while preparing for the season.”

Ogino played outside hitter during her career, so she has a lot to learn from Song, who plays the same position.

“Coach Ogino is expecting me to play defense. I think my role will be similar to before, but the number of times I will try various attacks such as center and back row attacks will increase more than before,” she said. “My defensive role is more important than my offensive role, and I will do my best to show what the coach wants.”

There are many roles for Song Hee-chae to play in OK Financial Group. Not only does she have to be the center of attention on the court, but as a senior, she also has to give advice to the younger players.

“Since I’m in the seniority axis, I try to set an example and share my experience so that the players in the same position can learn from it,” she said. “I want to be a senior to the younger players, just like I used to watch, imagine, and learn from someone.”

What he would look like at home. Photo by Chun Jung-hwan
“I know what role I have to play in this team. I also have a good outsider in Leo. I’m looking forward to working out with him. I’m looking forward to greeting him in an OK jersey at the KOVO Cup,” he laughed.

“OK Financial Group is a team that I am familiar with, but it feels different. I feel like I know something well, but a lot of things are new and changed. I would compare it to food that tastes familiar but has a new flavor. I have a lot of roles to play in this team, so I am determined to do my best.”

Song Hee-chae will be wearing her old number 14 for the upcoming season.

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