“If it’s not enough, you have to do more” Manager Park Jin-man, who threw the batting ball, Samsung needs ‘Dak Gong without fear’

“I just wrote down what we need right now.”

On the whiteboard of the third base dugout at Daegu Samsung Lions Park, there is a phrase that reads, “Dak-gong without fear (shut up and attack).” Samsung director Park Jin-man (47), who saw this, responded to the reporter’s question, “Did you write it yourself?”

Who wrote it?” he asked. As a result of team officials searching for the writer, catcher Kang Min-ho went to work on the 12th, and it turned out to be a phrase with little motivation. Coach Park said, “I wrote down only what our team needs right now,” and said, “That word is correct.”

Samsung suffered six consecutive losses from Daegu Hanwha Eagles on the 6th to Daegu SSG Landers on the 12th. During this period, the team’s batting average was 0.205, ranking 9th out of 10 clubs. On the mound, on the 12th, starter Baek Jeong-hyeon suffered a series of misfortunes, such as embracing defeat despite the long-awaited possibility of a rebound with a reverse pitching of 5 innings and 1 run. Samsung hitters often ended up with no runs even in the long-awaited chance to get the bases loaded, or struggled to create the opportunity itself. Coach Park pointed out, “Once it starts to loosen up, (hits) will come out one after another, but it seems that there is a burden on the players.”먹튀검증

The Samsung Beasts did not return home immediately after the game on the 12th. Foreign hitter Jose Pirella, captain Oh Jae-il, Kim Dong-yeop, Kim Ji-chan, and Kim Tae-goon entered the batting cage and tried to find a sense of hitting. However, in this process, coach Park himself volunteered to be a batting ball pitcher. Manager Park threw about two boxes of balls without a break. There were not a few scenes where he loosened his shoulders in the middle of training.

In response to the reporter’s question, “Yesterday (12th), he threw a batting ball directly to the players” ahead of the SSG game on the 13th, Coach Park said, “If it’s not enough, you have to do more. Winning or losing is the manager’s responsibility anyway, but in the process, the players have to do what they have to do. Everyone thought they were lacking,” he said. “I don’t know how many batting balls I threw. I threw it as far as I could,” he said.

Manager Park also said, “Even if the pitching balance was not good, the pitchers are holding up well now, and the batting may rebound. When the pitcher is in a difficult situation, hitters can help. Shouldn’t we watch more?”

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