‘I was chosen’ GS Gisele Silva “I didn’t expect it at all”

GS Caltex coach Cha Sang-hyun took Gisele Silva (Cuba-Azerbaijan/191cm/OP) as the 6th overall in the 2023 KOVO (Korean Volleyball Federation) Women’s Foreign Player Draft held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Umraniye Grand Ballroom in Turkey on the 13th. The moment the name was called, Gisele Silva, the person involved, did not budge.

Then, after a few seconds, she looked around the table, and when she realized that her name had been called, she was startled and headed to her podium.

Gisele Silva, who took pictures with her club officials, moved to her place and interviewed reporters.

Gisele Silva said she couldn’t contain her joy, saying, “She didn’t expect it at all. She didn’t know she would be chosen. I was chosen…”.

Gisele Silva and director Cha Sang-hyun. (C)KOVO

He smiled and said, “I was very surprised, and I am happy now. I just like it.” All the reporters in the interview room smiled. Gisele Silva’s happy expression made everyone laugh.먹튀검증

When asked why he did not expect the nomination to Gisele Silva, he said, “It’s been a month since the season ended. My condition has gone down a lot. That’s why. It was an unexpected situation. Thank you to the coach.”

Director Cha Sang-hyun, who was sitting right next to me, said, “(with a satisfied smile) that’s how it should be,” filling the interview room with laughter once again.

When he asked Gisele Silva to appeal his strengths, he said confidently and succinctly. “My strengths are the serve and the offense,” he said.

Gisele Silva mentioned two things that GS Caltex is demanding. Now all that remains is to prove it with your skills.

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