“I live in Korea like Bento, but I don’t follow Bento tactics” Klinsman’s plan

Jurgen Klinsmann (58, Germany), coach of the Korean national soccer team, plans to reside in Korea like former coach Paulo Bento (53, Portugal).

Michael Müller, chairman of the Korea Football Association’s National Team Reinforcement Committee, explained the background of the appointment of coach Jurgen Klinsmann at a press conference held at the Gwanghwamun Soccer Center in Seoul at 2:00 pm on the 28th. Coach Klinsmann took over the leadership of the national team as the successor to coach Paulo Bento안전놀이터. He plans to lead the Korean national team until the 2026 World Cup in North and Central America.

One of the main points was whether coach Klinsman resided in Korea. Coach Klinsmann has a history of directing the team while receiving reports from coaches while living in the United States when leading the German national team in the past. Because of this, there was a problem in controlling the squad.

For reference, coach Bento lived in Korea for 4 years and 4 months while leading the Korean national team. He went out to Europe and toured only when checking the performance of overseas players. During the K-League season, he visited the K-League site every weekend to discover new faces.

When asked if there were any contract terms under which coach Klinsman decided to stay in Korea, Müller said, “It is difficult to say exactly what the terms of the contract are. It’s not something I’m familiar with. What can be said with certainty is that it has met all five conditions presented by the Football Association. I also have a strong desire to stay in Korea.”

Also, when asked if Coach Klinsman would continue the tactics that Bento had continued for four years, he said, “Each coach has a different personality and human side. It remains to be seen how it will affect the team. I am looking forward to how he will meet and solve Korean players,” he vaguely explained.

“We need to think about what to do with Korean elements, rather than copying the soccer of a specific coach (Bento). During the game, it is important how to solve when you have the ball and when you do not have it, when you switch from defense to attack, and from attack to defense.”

Director Klinsman plans to come to Korea in early March, hold the microphone and present a vision. On March 24, he will make his Korean national team debut in a friendly A match against Colombia in Ulsan. On the 28th, we will play against Uruguay in Seoul.

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