“I couldn’t stop”… Attention to Cambodian athlete who ‘completed’ in heavy rain

It is impressive to see the athletes who did not stop the challenge until the end in the track and field event in the pouring rain.

On the 17th (local time), the International Olympic Committee (IOC) introduced the story of 20-year-old Bow Sangnam Cambodian athlete who ran a hot race in the women’s 5000m event at the 32nd Southeast Asian Games held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on the 8th.

Samnang, who was suffering from anemia, was playing in the back of her body in poor condition on this day as well.

The competitors were ahead by a long time, and by the time most of them finished the race. Suddenly it started to rain as if a hole had been punched out of the sky.

〈Image=IOC provided〉

The raindrops got thicker and sooner or later it started pouring so that it was impossible to see.

Samnang recalled the incident as “a strong wind blew, and there was a great sound of thunder”.

In the meantime, all runners had finished and Samnang was left alone on the track.

But she didn’t stop her two legs. She stepped forward, wiping her face with her samsang.

Samnang said, “I knew I was going to be last and I was discouraged, but she was supported and encouraged by so many people on the pitch.”토스카지노

When he finally crossed the finish line, Samnang’s face was filled with rain and hot tears.

When asked why Samnang didn’t give up the game until the end, he said he “had the right to do it, but he couldn’t just stop the game”.

He added: “It was important for him to finish the game as he has represented Cambodia.”

〈Image=IOC provided〉

The true sportsmanship that Samnang showed on this day impressed people all over the world.

Finally, Samnang shared his thoughts.

“Through this experience, I learned the mindset of not giving up, the mental strength to keep going, and the ability to persevere. Even if you have to walk, the important thing is to finish. Even if you go slowly, eventually crossing the finish line is much better than not crossing the finish line. Because it is better. Based on this experience, I will be able to keep going and persevere.”

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