How healthy is my arm?” Ace with 239 billion glass body, confident despite cancellation of bullpen pitching

Everyone swept their hearts and thought it was an ominous sign. However, as much as the person involved, he was relaxed and confident. Texas Rangers new ace Jacob deGrom, 35, thought the bullpen pitching delay was no big deal on the first day of spring training. 

DeGrom canceled a scheduled bullpen pitching on the안전놀이터 16th (Korean time) due to a strained left flank. Texas general manager Chris Young said he took into account the cold weather and wet bullpen mound, but again, everyone sensed an ominous energy in deGrom’s injury issue.

The health of deGrom, who signed a five-year, $185 million (approximately 239 billion won) contract in the free agent (FA) market last winter, is still a hot topic. Since deGrom only appeared in 26 games in the last two seasons, it was a natural concern and concern. He had a lot of time not to keep his mound due to various injuries such as elbow pain, side muscle pain, forearm injury, and shoulder blade inflammation. Texas has no choice but to fret and cross the stone bridge by knocking it over.

However, deGrom stressed that there was nothing wrong with his physical condition. On the 17th, deGrom confidently explained the current situation and the reason for the cancellation of his bullpen pitching in front of local reporters. 

DeGrom, who felt stiff in his left side for about a week before joining camp, said, “I’ve been through a lot over the past few years, but it’s a very minor problem. His left side was slightly stiff. So he talked to the club. At this time, I was still throwing the ball at home. I felt it a little bit when playing light catch, but it got better after stretching. So I kept throwing the ball. I threw it even before I came here,” he said. I answered yes,” he explained.

“It’s still February 15 (local standard) and the goal is to be healthy when the season starts, so don’t be stupid now,” he said. How I prepared for the offseason, and I was very angry that these little things suddenly appeared.”

However, he expressed confidence, saying, “On the bright side, you know how healthy my arm is now.”

Manager Bruce Bochy was also optimistic about the situation. “Honestly, I don’t see deGrom’s situation as a health issue,” he said. As a manager for 25 years, there were countless cases where pitchers as well as fielders were given a day or two extra rest under these circumstances. That’s our decision,” he said. He has no worries,” he said forcefully.

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