Held the inauguration ceremony for Chairman Kang Tae-seon of the Seoul Metropolitan Sports Association

The Seoul Metropolitan Sports Association held an inauguration ceremony for the 2nd public election of the Seoul Metropolitan Sports Association on the 9th at the international conference hall of the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The event was held by Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon, Seoul City Council Chairman Kim Hyun-ki, Chairman Choi Yeol of the Green Foundation, City Council Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee Chairman Lee Jong-hwan, City Council Planning and Economy Committee Chairman Lee Sook-ja, and Gyeonggi Province Sports Council President Lee Won-seong. About 300 people from all walks of life attended the event.

In his inaugural address, Chairman Kang Tae-seon said, “As an athlete who has been involved in the sports world for the rest of his life, although he has led the company for 50 years, he will create a role model for new sports management by applying expert know-how to sports administration.” We will secure stable finances through sports marketing to strengthen our position, establish a virtuous cycle system for the sports industry by hosting the 2036 Seoul Olympics, strengthen cooperation with related organizations such as the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and actively expand the arena of communication with member organizations.” revealed 카지노

In a congratulatory speech, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon said, “I have high expectations for Seoul Sports, which advocates the professional management of Chairman Kang Tae-seon, who created something out of nothing.” The role is important, and I ask athletes to join forces to host the 2036 Seoul Olympics, which is attracting the attention of the world.”

In his congratulatory address, Seoul City Council Chairman Kim Hyun-ki asked, “I have high expectations for the 2nd public election, which was launched with the belief and ambition that sports are also management, and as the sports CEO, I will make Seoul a world-class city.”

On the other hand, Chairman Kang Tae-seon is an athlete who has served as vice president and auditor of the Seoul Sports Association, director of the Korea Sports Association, chairman of the Seoul Mountaineering Federation, and vice president of the Korea Mountaineering Federation, and chairman of BYN Black Yak, an outdoor sports company. In the Seoul Sports Council election, he was elected with the slogan “Sports is also management.” The term of office for the new chairman Kang Tae-seon, who started his duties as chairman on February 23, is four years until the date of the regular general meeting in 2027.

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