“He gave Kim Yeon-kyung a nice ball” A blessing that appeared when needed, Heungkuk Life Insurance’s new vitality Lee Won-jeong

At a time when tactical changes were required, Lee Won-jeong (23), a setter, is injecting new vitality into Heungkuk Life Insurance.

Heungkuk Life Insurance has changed in the 5th round. In the meantime, if foreign player Yelena’s attack share had been high, Kim Yeon-kyung’s attack share increased from the 5th round. In the KGC Ginseng Construction match on the 3rd, Kim Yeon-kyung occupied 37.7% of the team’s attack. At the time, it was only slightly ahead of Yelena (36.07%), but the difference was noticeable in the Hyundai Engineering & Construction match on the 7th. Heungkuk Life Insurance played the game mainly with Kim Yeon-kyung (41.86%). Yelena (30.23%), who stood opposite Kim Yeon-kyung, was faithful to the role of supporting her from behind.

It is a change that started with Lee Won-jung. This is also the reason why Kim Dae-gyeong, acting manager of Heungkuk Life Insurance, was particularly satisfied with the game on the 7th, in which he overwhelmed leading Hyundai E&C with a shutout victory. Acting Kim said, “The aggressive play we prepared came out well. (Lee) Won-jeong gave안전놀이터 (Kim) Yeon-kyung the ball beautifully.” On this day, Lee Won-jung not only succeeded in 15 sets per set, far exceeding his season average (7.233 per set), but also showed strength with 4 blocks, the most in a single game in his personal career.

Heungkuk Life Insurance handed over the right to pick the first round of the 2023-2024 season to GS Caltex to recruit Lee Won-jung in December of last year. Former Heungkuk Life Insurance coach Kwon Soon-chan, who promoted his recruitment, expected that “Lee Won-jung will play a variety of roles on the court.” At the time, Dasol Kim’s ups and downs raised the need to reinforce the setter, and former coach Kwon judged that Lee Won-jung, who entered the professional stage as the 2nd rank (Korea Expressway Corporation) in the 1st round of the 2017-2018 season rookie draft, would blossom his potential.

Heungkuk Life Insurance recently needed a tactical change. In the meantime, Lee Won-jung stood out when the attack development pattern of the existing setter Kim Da-sol was read. Acting Kim said, “(Kim) Dasol’s play that he showed so far was analyzed a lot by the opposing team as he went through the rounds.” It would have been difficult to analyze. He is helpful in that he increases Yeon-kyung’s share of offense,” he explained.

Heungkuk Life Insurance is in second place with 20 wins and 6 losses (60 points). The battle for the lead with Hyundai E&C (21 wins, 5 losses, 60 points) is also a step in the road. As the team atmosphere, which had been cluttered after the dismissal of former manager Kwon, was settled, Heungkuk Life Insurance is boldly attempting various changes, and these changes are working. This is another point to watch in the competition for the lead.

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