Has the gentleman’s age been too low… ladies exhausted

for 6 consecutive wins (Hangame Baduk = Reporter Han Chang-gyu) On the evening of the 4th, at the 6th station of the 17th Jiji Auction Cup gentleman vs. ladies winning streak held at the Baduk TV studio, Lee Jung-woo, 9th Dan, defeated Kim Mi-ri, 5th Dan. After 297 moves, he won 12 and a half with a hundred.

“I thought I should put it in good content, but it turned into a mess. I wanted to put it in white today because I’ve been holding a lot of black in the meantime. I was just trying to organize it, but I couldn’t see the number properly,” Lee Jeong-woo, 9th dan, said.메이저사이트

Lee Jung-woo, 9th dan, is in charge of the spearhead of the gentleman team. Kim Seon-bin 2nd Dan, Kang Da-jeong 3rd Dan, Cho Hye-yeon 9th Dan, Oh Yu-jin 9th Dan, Lee Na-kyung Chodan, and Kim Mi-ri 5th Dan were put to sleep in turn.

Lee Jeong-woo is the first representative of 9th Dan. With his age qualifications relaxed, he passed as a ‘young gentleman’ at 42 years of age. Unlike the ladies’ team, which has no restrictions on participation, the gentlemen’s team has an age limit. It is for equal competition between teams.

As the gentleman’s team lost more times to the ladies’ team, the competition rules were revised several times. Then, from last year, even the age division of the selection contest, which was divided into A and B groups, was eliminated and unified to 40 years of age or older. As a result, the gentlemen’s team, which had many young and strong players, tasted the championship in three years.

This is the first match in 11 years. Lee Jeong-woo, 9-dan, won his second matchup.

Lee Jung-woo’s 6th consecutive win is equivalent to the 4th consecutive win at Gigi Auction. Seo Bong-soo’s 9th consecutive win (10th period), and Choi Jeong’s 9th Dan and Cho Hoon-hyun’s 9th Dan’s 10th consecutive victory (5th period each) are the next records. The winning streak increased to 4 million won (1 million won per win from 3 consecutive wins).

In the 7th station, which will continue next Monday, they will face runner 7 of the ladies team. The Ladies in Crisis team announced Kim Hye-min 9th dan. She is a strong woman ranked 7th in the women’s rankings. Regarding the opponent, Lee Jeong-woo, 9-dan, leads with 4 wins and 1 loss. However, all of them were great countries before 2011, and they will reunite after 12 years.

During the day, Kim Mi-ri, 5th Dan, attended the opening ceremony of the women’s baduk league as her first coach. Gigi Auction Cup finals record was 2 wins and 5 losses.

“Each and every one of them are difficult opponents. My stamina is low, so I want to play with the top rankers quickly,” said Lee Jeong-woo, 9th dan, “I didn’t play a few games a year, but it seems like I’ve played a year. ” said Lee Jung-woo’s record last year was 3 wins and 1 loss, and this year’s record is 10 consecutive wins after 1 loss.

In the support auction, in which 12 gentlemen’s teams and 12 ladies’ teams compete in a winning streak, the winning team gets a prize of 120 million won. The number of championships so far has been 7 for the gentleman’s team and 9 for the ladies’ team.

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