Gudrum ended up going to the hospital after running with pain… Lotte acting director Jong-woon Lee says, “It’s not a situation to wait.”

“We don’t have much time right now.”

Regarding foreign hitter Nico Goodrum (31), who received treatment at the hospital due to persistent thigh muscle pain ahead of the NC Dinos game on the 12th, Lotte Giants acting manager Lee Jong-woon said, “Isn’t muscle pain a symptom that can be cured with rest? It is not a situation where we can force him (to participate in the game) right now. “In the end, (recovery) is up to you,” he said.바카라사이트

Goodrum joined Lotte in July as a replacement foreign player for Jack Rex. Because Rex injured his knee and had to undergo six weeks of rehabilitation, he was quickly recruited by investing $400,000, but after joining the team, he often fell short of expectations. Both the evaluation that he showed decent offense in the major leagues and the judgment that he would solidify Lotte’s unstable defense as an inside and outfield utility player were contradicted.

The aftereffects of playing with thigh muscle pain were also significant. Because of this, he performed even more poorly. He performed poorly on offense with a batting average of 0.263, OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.682, and 20 RBIs without a home run, and on defense he committed 11 errors due to inaccurate throwing or poor batting judgment. Acting Director Lee said, “It seems like he was not in good condition due to muscle pain. “I’m very sorry that you’re having a hard time,” he said.

Lotte gave Gudrum quite a few opportunities. He hoped to live up to his expectations, even going so far as to recently play shortstop, right fielder, and first baseman instead of third base, which he had often played. Nevertheless, Lotte’s expectations were never met. Goodrum was eventually excluded from the starting lineup for two consecutive games following the Changwon NC Dinos match on the 10th.

Currently, Lotte is quite far from qualifying for the postseason, but they are going to challenge until the end unless all possibilities disappear. Acting Director Lee said, “We don’t have much time right now. “Now, we should not wait for Gudrum, but we have to play with the players we have now,” he said. “Just because (Gudrum) isn’t there doesn’t mean we can’t do it.” “I think another player will come out and perform even better,” he said.

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