‘Golf Emperor’ Woods laughed with his son

The emperor of golf, who survived a terrible car accident, smiled after a long time.

Tiger Woods relives the heyday with his son at the golf club.

This is Reporter Cho Hyun-sun.

Tiger Woods catches Eagle with a bold swing.

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Jill’s son, Charlie, also succeeds in putting cleanly.

Tiger Woods also made a birdie on the ninth hole.

It was a 9m long putt.

After a car accident in February of last year, Woods was still recovering from injuries.

My son, Charlie, was also not feeling well due to ankle pain. 안전놀이터

However, the rich man showed off his breath and reduced the number of strokes.

On the first day of the event hosted by the PGA Tour, Woods and Boza tied for second place with a 13-under-par 59.

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“It started off badly, but I ran and rolled hard and recorded a birdie and an eagle. I came back a little bit today, but another wonderful thing will happen tomorrow.”

Although he has been fighting the aftermath of his injury for nearly two years, Woods laughed all day by his son’s side.

Woods also competed with his son last year and finished runner-up.

In this tournament, Justin Thomas competed with his father, and former golf empress Sorenstam also teamed up with her son.

In the final round, which ends tomorrow, if Woods and Daddy win, Charlie will be the youngest winner of the competition.