Geumgang Housing Golf Club holds induction ceremony for new players such as Shin Yong-gu and Choi Yong-jun

The Geumgang Housing Golf Team announced on the 10th that they had a new player induction ceremony at the headquarters of Geumgang Housing in Gangnam, Seoul.

The newly recruited players are Shin Yong-gu, Choi Young-jun, Kim Gyeong-min, and Han Tae-hyun of the Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA). A total of 8 players, including the existing Ok Tae-hoon, Heo In-hoe, Choi Ho-seong, and Kim Seung-hyuk, are scheduled to tour the Korea Professional Golf Tour in the 2023 season wearing the hats of the Geumgang House golf team.

Shin Yong-gu is a player who has been active in the top 10 four times, including winning the KPGA Korean Tour Woosung General Construction Open last year.

Choi Young-joon, a former member of the national team, is a rookie who will debut on the Korean tour this season. He won the 2020 Maekyung Solago Cup Amateur Golf Championship, the Jeollabuk-do Association Jangbae Student Golf Championship, and the 2021 Songam Cup Amateur Championship. The Korean Tour seed was secured.메이저놀이터

Kim Kyung-min and Han Tae-hyun are promising players who are active on the Srixon tour this year. The two players are from the ‘Golf Talent Scholarship Students’ of the Xi’an Scholarship Foundation, which is established and operated by Geumgang Housing.

Kim Tae-woo, owner of the Geumgang Housing Pro Golf Club, said, “I hope that the four new players who joined this year will achieve good results with Geumgang Housing.” I will not spare it,” he said.

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