Gangseo Thunders won the 1st Rookie Cup Youth Tournament with 2NT Bugs

The Gangseo Thunders won the Rookie Cup Youth Basketball Tournament. 

On the 5th, at the National Sports Center in Seo-gu, Incheon, the ‘1st Rookie Cup Youth Basketball Tournament with 2NT Bugs’ held by Rookie, a professional basketball magazine, was held. 

With the preliminary schedule starting at 9:00 a.m., youth players’ thrilling games continued until the evening. 12 teams were divided into 4 groups of 3 teams for the preliminaries, and from the quarterfinals, a tournament was held 안전놀이터.

This tournament was sponsored by 2NT Bugs, hosted by Rookie, and supervised by Rookie and the Incheon City Seo-gu Basketball Association. Also sponsored by Unique TV, Molten, Hedgren, AGS, Shinhan Bank Sbird Basketball Team in Incheon, Smashing Sports, and BMW Mini Incheon Exhibition Hall. 

The organizers made efforts to make many players interested in basketball, although winning and losing is important as it is a youth event. From the preliminaries to the semifinals, an MVP was selected for each game and presented with a gift. In particular, the MVP was selected from the losing team instead of the winning team until the semifinals. This is to ensure that winners come from as many different teams as possible.

From early morning, the gymnasium was filled with the players’ passion for basketball and the parents’ passionate support. From the preliminaries to overtime, the tournament unfolded in an exciting way.

The two teams that reached the final in a fierce game were KOREA and Gangseo Thunders.

KOREA, who met Bucheon Hifi in the semifinals, took the lead at the beginning of the game, but could not run away and provided an excuse for pursuit. However, ace Hong Jo-wan showed off an Andone play followed by a reverse layup, and was on the rise again. KOREA, which did not lose its advantage, won 21-14 and advanced to the finals.

In the match between Gangseo Thunders and Korea Kids that followed, Gangseo Thunders won. Gangseo Thunders, who showed solid defense, took advantage by utilizing big men with excellent physical conditions, and the Korea Kids were not able to turn the game around. Gangseo Thunders, who began to solidify with big man Kim Seok-hwan at the fore, won a complete victory.

As expected, the final match between the two teams with strong potential was intense. The first half ended with the Gangseo Thunders narrowly ahead in a tight game that seldom scored.

KOREA Hong Jo-wan scored the first goal in the second half in the midst of confusion and succeeded in reversing. Then, for the Gangseo Thunders, who had not scored for a long time, Kim Seok-hwan, who headed to the bench for a while, came back to balance. 

The team that laughed in the clutch match between Hong Jo-wan and Kim Seok-hwan, the Gangseo Thunders, came closer to victory with Kim Seok-hwan scoring a decisive goal just before the end. The Gangseo Thunders, led by Kim Seok-hwan, won the championship with a thrilling victory. 

Gangseo Thunders, who won the championship, were given various prizes, including trophies and certificates. In addition, commentator Jung Young-sam of SPOTV, who participated as a guest at the event, took the stage as an award presenter. 


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