“Font is an interesting player, and Kelly was like that too” Attention as US SD wild card

San Diego, which has a clear goal of becoming the National League Western Division’s throne, has been actively investing in recent years and has been attracting the attention of the major leagues. However, there are points that need to be supplemented in order to surpass the LA Dodgers, the strongest player in the world. is the selection team.

It cannot be overemphasized the importance of the starting rotation in long-term races. San Diego has a question mark in this category. ‘Three Punch’, which leads to Darvish Yu, Blake Snell, and Joe Musgrove, is powerful and has a variety. However, the 4/5 selection is still not enough to convince.

Starting resources Mike Clevinger and Sean Murnaya have left the team, and the growth of young players such as Adrian Morehone and Ryan Weathers is somewhat slow. In addition, Darvish and Snell will each qualify as free agents after 2023. It is unknown if he will remain on the team. Knowing this, San Diego paid attention to strengthening the starting lineup this offseason, and is still not off the radar.

Wilmer Font (33), one of the best pitchers in the KBO League last year, also wore a San Diego uniform in such a move. San Diego signed a minor league contract with Font after actively looking into the Korean market, showing interest in Drew Luchinski, another pitcher from the KBO League. It may have been a bit disappointing for Font, but if he gets San Diego’s 4th and 5th starting spots, he might have a better contract next year.

‘Major League Trade Rumors’ (MLTR), which mainly deals with major league transfer market news, mentioned the font as a ‘wild card’ while citing candidates who could challenge San Diego’s 4th and 5th selections on the 13th (Korean time). It means hidden card. Although he is not a player who is attracting attention right now, he was evaluated as an interesting player in that there are many players who came to the major leagues after playing in the Eastern League and achieved decent results. 바카라사이트

MLTR said of Font, “I’ve been a journeyman for years in the major leagues, and I went to Korea to play in the KBO in 2021. For two years, he was an ace-class pitcher for SSG Landers,” listing successful records in Korea. MLTR not only included Font’s basic ERA, but also a relatively high strikeout rate (23.3%), low walk rate (4.7%), and 51.6 The percentage of ground balls that reached % was pointed out as a positive

aspect.MLTR paid attention to previous cases, assuming that “success abroad does not always lead to success in the major leagues.”Miles Michaelas (St. Louis), Merrill Players like Kelly (Arizona), who went to Japan and Korea with short or no major league careers, found success in the Orient, performed well after returning to the United States, and are now well-established representative players.

MLTR cites the case of two players as ‘Miles Michaels and Merrill Kelly returned after making breakthroughs elsewhere’ as an example, and ‘Font is not currently on the 40-man roster, but he will be a fun player to watch . ‘, he showed interest.

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