‘Family’, not mercenaries… Kiwoom Yoki City Beautiful Farewell

Yokishi of Kiwoom, who left the team due to an injury, had a beautiful farewell with his teammates and fans at the Gocheok Dome today (24th).메이저사이트

Cheers burst out when Yokishi, dressed in a comfortable outfit rather than a uniform, appeared at Gocheok Sky Dome.

At the Gocheok Dome, where he visited last before leaving Korea, Yokishi sincerely signed autographs and took pictures with his fans to present his memories.

Yokishi, who has been active as Kiwoom’s ace for the past five seasons, suffered a thigh muscle injury in the match against LG on the 6th.

When it took more than six weeks to return to the mound, the Kiwoom club, which was in the midst of a ranking battle, chose to say goodbye to Yokishi, and held a special event to honor it until the end.

When the dedication video was screened with the phrase ‘Family, not mercenaries’, Yokishi’s wife wiped away tears, and the athletes comforted them with applause.

[Eric Yokishi/Former Kiwoom pitcher: I didn’t want to end the season like this, but I can’t believe I’m saying my final goodbyes amidst the support of so many fans, and it’s really good.] With Yokishi’s support, Kiwoom beat Doosan 4-2

. .

Hurado, the starter, led the team to victory with 2 runs and 2 outs in the 9th inning.

Hanwha won 4 consecutive wins in 3 years after defeating NC with starter Moon Dong-ju’s 8 scoreless innings.

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