Even if you score 31 goals, you get criticized, the Premier League

Even if you hit 31 goals, there is a sound of regret. The Premier League is a very competitive league.

According to a report by the British media ‘Daily Mail’ on the 6th (Korean time), Sky Sports commentator Jamie Carragher made a ‘disappointing sound’ about Manchester City striker Erling Holland.

“Holland may have picked the wrong team,” Carragher points out. It is a story that Man City is not maximizing Haaland’s ability.

“I felt when Haaland scored goals this season. I think I only saw 60% of Haaland. When Haaland was at Dortmund, he ran at breakneck speed from end to end. You don’t see that now,” Carragher explained.

Manchester City are not a team that likes to counter-attack. Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola is an expert on possession football, also known as tiki-taka. He builds up a thick midfield and constantly breaks down the opponent’s defense through his passing game. All Haaland does on this team is finish.

Haaland scored 31 goals in all competitions in the 2022-2023 season. He has 25 Premier League goals, 5 Champions League goals and 1 League Cup goal. The Premier League’s top scorer last season was 23 goals. Haaland is arithmetically capable of 45 goals in the Premier League this season. The most goals scored in a Premier League season is 34.

It seems there is nothing more to ask for. Nevertheless, what is the reason for the pointed out points?

Man City lost helplessly 0-1 away from Tottenham on the 6th. Haaland didn’t record a single shot. Manchester City, who have been at the top of the Premier League four times in the past five seasons, are in danger of losing their throne this season. They are second with 45 points from 21 matches. 1st place Arsenal digests 20 games, one less than Man City, and has 50 points.

Controversy arises because the performance has weakened with Holland.

“We’re not seeing everything about Haaland 메이저놀이터and Manchester City. It’s not Haaland’s fault. City just don’t play end-to-end football. That’s not Guardiola’s way.”

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