“Even if Wiggins can’t come back, we can win” GSW’s 4-time winning command tower

Coach Kerr believes in the team.

Golden State Warriors manager Steve Kerr spoke about Andrew Wiggins in an interview with reporter Tim Kawakami of ‘The Athletic’ on the 1st (hereinafter Korean time).

Defending champion Golden State has been disappointing this season. Even strong candidates for the championship were selected before the season, but after the opening, they were placed in a position where they could not even guarantee to advance to the playoffs.

It was painful to see the league’s best defense collapse. Golden State, who broke the predictions of experts and won the championship based on defense last season. However, this season, the team ranked 23rd in run average and 19th in defensive rating, making it a team with less defensive power than the league average.

In addition, the defensive key Andrew Wiggins faced the bad news of leaving. Wiggins has not played since mid-February due to personal reasons. He is also not accompanied by the team. The exact timing of his return is yet to be predicted.

When asked about Wiggins’ current situation, coach Steve Kerr said, “Andrew Wiggins is fine. He is healthy and is exercising regularly. But he needs space to do what he needs for his family. We supports it,” he said.

With Wiggins missing, Golden State suffered a major blow to its power. However, recently, the Golden Warriors Corps have successfully rebounded and are raising hopes for playoff propaganda. Golden State, tied for 5th in the West with 5 wins in 6 games, is looking to secure a top seed beyond going directly to the playoffs.

Reporter Kawakami asked Kerr, who is leading Golden State on the rise, if he could win the championship even if Wiggins did not return. Then coach Kerr revealed his faith in the team.

First of all, coach Kerr expressed confidence, saying, “I think we can win (even if Wiggins doesn’t come). I really believe in this team.”바카라

“We brought in Gary Payton II in a trade and Jonathan Cuminga fills the void left by Wiggins. If you look at our team last year, we had two on-ball defenders, Wiggins and Gary Payton II. And now Cuminga is “We’re playing in Wiggins’ place. Of course, it’s not as smooth as it was a year ago. Back then, we had both rhythm and continuity as we went through the season together. But I feel positive that we have plenty of opportunities now with the talent and experience we have.” he explained.

In order for Golden State to reach the finals, it is necessary to reduce the difference between home and away. At home, Golden State is showing a record that is not enviable with 32 wins and 8 losses. However, their away record is disastrous with 9 wins and 29 losses. 

Golden State will play an away game against Denver, the leader of the Western Conference, on the 3rd. What will Golden State look like in Denver, which is considered the toughest in the league?

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