Even if it hurts, he endures it and runs, the fighting spirit of the transfer student setter “Finger pain? It’s okay if we win

“It’s okay because I won.”

KEPCO setter Ha Seung-woo (28) moved from Woori Card to KEPCO through a trade ahead of the 2022-23 season. Ha Seung-woo, who was active as the main setter of KEPCO, suffered a finger injury during team training last December.

However, Ha Seung-woo could not rest well. As the team’s losing streak got longer, he quickly chose to come back. He taped the thumb of his left hand and played his game. However, his team’s losing streak was not easily broken.

In the match against Woori Card on the 10th, Ha Seung-woo showed his fighting spirit and led the team to victory. Still not perfect. Now all the bones are not attached. On this day, he also suffered from being hit by a ball while defending.

However, Ha Seung-woo perseveres even when he is in pain. The team always comes first. And he has a big heart to repay director Kwon Young-min, who believes in him and appoints him. Coach Kwon Young-min also said, “I’m just grateful that he said he would play even though his bones weren’t all attached.”

Thanks to his fighting spirit, KEPCO also succeeded in escaping a long and long 9-game losing streak, laying the foundation for a mid-level jump. Victory in 42 days.

After the match, Ha Seung-woo said, “It’s okay because my fingers win. They say it will stick over time, so I guess I’ll have to wait.” I tried to toss it without touching it, but then there were a lot of misses. Also, I was afraid of being hit with my fingers, so I avoided blocking and it hurt the team. He said he was sick, but he kept trying to run.”

Before the match, KEPCO was on a 9-game losing streak. There has been no victory since the 3rd round match against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance on November 29 last year. All games in December were lost. In particular, the previous two matches were lost after full sets, leaving regret.안전놀이터

He said, “It seemed like we always lost in the same pattern in the 5th set. I wanted to overcome. This time, before entering the 5th set, ‘Now we are losing in the same pattern. If I lose again this time, I am a fool.” I said let’s not make the same mistake, but I think I won hard.”

From his professional debut to last season, he was guided by computer setter Shin Young-chul, coach of Woori Card. This season, he is being coached by coach Kwon Young-min, who, like coach Shin Young-chul, has made a name for himself as a representative Korean setter. Being guided by two legendary setter coaches is a great fortune for Ha Seung-woo, who plays the setter position.

Ha Seung-woo said, “Does the director trust me? He sometimes makes mistakes while playing, but he always tells me that it’s okay. The technical part is already said during practice. He tries to make me feel comfortable during the game.”

Finally, he said, “We have now ended our losing streak. Now I believe that I can rise to the winning streak. The support of the fans is a great strength. I will repay you with a good game.”

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