Disaster-apology ‘endless repetition’ Heungkuk Life Volleyball, the real problem

It is point-in-time. The wave is growing as embarrassing incidents such as the involvement of high-ranking players in the volleyball team of Heungkuk Life Insurance and the replacement of manager Kwon Soon-chan are added.

The Heungkuk Life Insurance team sacked manager Kwon Soon-chan (48) on the 2nd. And on the 6th, it was officially announced that Kim Ki-joong (48) was appointed as the successor manager. However, coach Kim declined the final decision on the 10th. In an interview with <Yonhap News> that day, he explained the reason, “If you take charge of Heungkuk Life Insurance in the current situation, it is self-evident that numerous misunderstandings and criticisms will pour out.”

And from the 8th, Heungkuk Life Insurance coach Kim Dae-kyung (36) has been acting as an acting manager, following former head coach Lee Young-soo (45), who left the team after serving as an acting manager only once on the 5th. Heungkuk Life Insurance currently has only two coaches left on the team: acting manager Kim Dae-kyung, who is one year older than Kim Yeon-kyung (35), and Choi Ji-wan (31), who is four years younger.

As the situation grew, Heungkuk Life Insurance announced an official apology on the 10th in the name of the club owner Lim Hyung-joon (61), Heungkuk Life Insurance CEO, and the new volleyball team leader Shin Yong-jun. “We will thoroughly block the club’s involvement in game management in the future and fully respect the manager’s inherent authority,” he said.

Poetry and apology for intervening in game operation… Prevention of recurrence

with only words However, even after the announcement of the apology, criticism from the volleyball world and volleyball fans, as well as from the media, continues to criticize the high-ranking members of Heungkuk Life Insurance. It was a belated apology, and they did not come up with strong prescription measures to prevent recurrence.

It was also a problem that the apology itself was announced in the name of personnel whose responsibility and execution power were questionable. In particular, Kim Yeo-il, former head of the Heungkuk Life Insurance volleyball team, who is the key player who caused this incident, has not yet made any official apology. Also, the fact that former Taekwang Group Chairman Lee Ho-jin (61), the head of Taekwang Group, the parent company of the Heungkuk Life Volleyball Team, did not directly step forward is also a reason for not gaining trust.

The process of appointing a successor director was also a big failure. He should have given top priority to whether players who suffered massive injuries were acceptable figures. However, the Heungkuk Life Insurance team did not care about the players and announced the appointment of a successor coach as if someone had pre-planned a scenario. However, public opinion worsened and when the successor manager withdrew in 5 days and could no longer handle the situation, it appeared that he had raised a white flag with the announcement of an apology.


Life Insurance Club made the situation worse rather than solving it from the initial response. Former coach Kwon Soon-chan and the players strongly raised the issue because of the ‘high-ranking player appointment order’.

However, on the 5th, Shin Yong-joon, the new general manager, said, “It was not a matter of player appointment. Fans on YouTube and others requested changes regarding player rotation. Regarding that, former general manager Kim Yeo-il and former manager Kwon Soon-chan had many conflicting opinions. So, owner Lim Hyeong-jun resigned together,” he explained. Since then, the media has directed Shin and the Heungkuk Life Insurance team with ‘absurd explanation’, ‘full of lies’, ‘gibberishness’, and ‘mess’.

In fact, the ‘fans’ demands and criticism’ brought in by Shin’s explanation also gives the impression that he chose to choose according to the good and the bad, with a double standard. The fans’ criticism of former manager Kwon Soon-chan stemmed from their desire to win with proper player selection and better rotation. In particular, the criticism from the fans was huge for the part where they used a young player unreasonably in a match against a strong team, and then gave up a set or lost the game.

The problem is that Heungkuk Life’s high-ranking orders are focused on using more young players regardless of victory or defeat. This runs counter to the demands of the fans. However, Director Shin did not mention that part at all. 안전놀이터

In the end, he only had fans criticizing the rotation that seemed to be in his favor, and said as if that was the whole reason for the manager’s resignation. However, this explanation also means that the coach, who is competing for first place, was suddenly sacked because he did not listen to the tactical issue. Heungkuk Life’s high-ranking officials seem to have admitted that the way they work is extreme and authoritarian. It is for these reasons that even the fans who once criticized director Kwon Soon-chan turned to anger at the manager’s resignation.

Of course, the policy of nurturing young players is not wrong. But there are times and there are stages. In addition, the advice and help of veteran players is absolutely necessary in nurturing young players. However, forced input by high-ranking pressure destroys this organic relationship at once. So it’s a nuisance to everyone.

Disaster – apology ‘endless repetition’… the problem is

There is only one reason why the Heungkuk Life Insurance volleyball team situation continues in a state of chaos that makes it difficult to find a solution. This is because players, as well as the volleyball world, media outlets, and fans have little trust in the club’s announced apology and promise to prevent recurrence. That, too, was brought on by the club itself. In the meantime, major accidents and subsequent apologies have been repeated too many times. Since the launch of the V-League in 2005, the accumulated 18 years of unreasonable club management behavior by high-ranking officials festered and eventually exploded.

In the 2005 season, the Heungkuk Life Insurance team aroused suspicion of ‘intentional defeat (tanking)’ to win Kim Yeon-kyung, who appeared in the next year’s draft. And in 2013-2014, there was a fierce transfer dispute over whether to continue Kim Yeon-kyung’s overseas league activities. At the time, high-ranking officials of Heungkuk Life Insurance pushed hard with the momentum to ban Kim Yeon-kyung’s career as a player. In the end, it was Fenerbahce and the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB), who were members of the team at the time, that saved Kim Yeon-kyung.

In 2021, when the twin sisters Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young suffered

school violence, the Heungkuk Life Insurance team was hit with public opinion for inappropriate behavior. In order to return to the V-League, they wrapped up until just before the player registration deadline in June 2021, but reluctantly gave up player registration due to huge criticism. They even issued an official apology. At the time, the head of the Heungkuk Life Insurance volleyball team was the former head of Kim Yeo-il.

However, the Heungkuk Life Insurance team returned former general manager Kim, who had withdrawn after the twin incident, as the general manager of the volleyball team in May of last year. And this time, former general manager Kim emerged as the key player in the order to sack coach Kwon Soon-chan and intervene in player appointments.

Looking back at the numerous incidents and accidents that occurred in the Heungkuk Life Insurance team, there is a passage that consistently penetrates. The point is that you can run a professional team as you like, like the private property of the highest level of the group, and you can see the mindset that the coach and players must obey and follow.

On the other hand, in the midst of this Heungkuk Life Insurance volleyball team incident, an incident that ironically resonated and impressed also occurred. That is the reaction of the fans. Fans are still throwing protests and warning messages toward the high-ranking members of Heungkuk Life Insurance with cheering tools, slogan changes, and truck protests. However, for Heungkuk Life Insurance players, including Kim Yeon-kyung, who showed a professional appearance, they visit the stadium more and are sending hot cheers with their own ‘Happy Volleyball’ clapper.

In fact, the Heungkuk Life Insurance-Hyundai E&C match held at the home stadium of Heungkuk Life Insurance on the 11th attracted 4,509 spectators even though it was a weekday. According to an official from the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO), the cable TV viewer ratings for the game that day were also 1.74% (based on cable households nationwide), ranking first in men’s and women’s volleyball so far this season. In addition, tickets were already sold out even though the seats on the 3rd floor of the Pepper Savings Bank-Heungkuk Life Insurance held in Gwangju Metropolitan City on the 15th were ‘additionally opened’.

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