Director Lee Seung-yeop, who couldn’t laugh in Daegu, was rain on Samsung’s side?

Doosan Bears manager Lee Seung-yeop suffered two consecutive losses in Daegu, the first match he visited after taking office as the head coach.

Doosan recorded a painful come-from-behind defeat 6-7 in an away game against Samsung in the 2023 KBO League held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on the 27th.

Doosan, who recorded a loss to Samsung the previous day (0-1), lost by one point for two days in a row, leaving a regret.

In particular, the midweek confrontation between Doosan and Samsung attracted a lot of attention from the start as Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop of “The Lion King” visited his parents for the first time.

Although he was appointed as the head coach of Doosan, coach Lee Seung-yeop was like a symbolic figure of Samsung during his active career. As a player in the KBO League, coach Lee recorded 467 homers in Samsung alone and earned the title of ‘national hitter’.

Even when he returned to the KBO League after advancing to Japan, his choice was of course Samsung, and the uniform number ’36’ he wore during his active career remained as the team’s permanent number after his retirement.

Although he was a Samsung legend, he could not avoid a nasty meeting with his parent team as the Doosan command tower. In the ruthless world of pros, old affection may have been a luxury for director Lee. He also showed a willingness to focus only on the game, saying, “I think we need to clearly distinguish between public and private life” ahead of the game.

However, an unexpected variable arose on the 25th, ahead of a historic confrontation with his parent team, Samsung.

The match was eventually canceled as rain continued to fall from the morning and became heavy in the afternoon. The long-awaited ‘Lee Seung-yeop Derby’ has been postponed for a day.

If Tuesday’s game had been played as usual, the season’s first ‘Lee Seung-yeop Derby’ was a match between Doosan’s Kim Dong-ju and Samsung’s Lee Jae-hee in the 5th starting lineup. If the game had been played as scheduled, it is evaluated that Doosan, which was running 3 consecutive wins, would have had a bit more advantage than Samsung, which is losing 4 consecutive times. 크크크벳

However, the starting rotations of both teams were adjusted due to rain, which eventually gave Samsung an advantage.

In Wednesday’s game, which was played between Raul Alcantara and David Buchanan as the first foreign starters, Samsung won 1-0 after a tight pitching battle, inflicting a painful loss to manager Lee Seung-yeop.

Doosan, who lost first, seemed to be seeking revenge by scoring five runs in a big inning only in the second inning of the game on the 27th. However, at the end of the 7th inning, when he was leading 6-3, in a crisis with two outs loaded, Oh Jae-il allowed a reversal full base and gave up the game.

The first expedition to Daegu, full of anticipation and excitement, remained as a bitter memory for coach Lee Seung-yeop.

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