Director Hwang Seon-hong “I have to persuade myself to join overseas groups such as Lee Kang-in… 10 wild card candidates”

Hwang Seon-hong, coach of the under-23 soccer team preparing for the 2023 Hangzhou Asian Games, leaves for Europe directly to join Lee Kang-in and other overseas players.

On the 15th, at the Paju National Team Training Center, on the first day of convening the Asian Games team made up of Korean players, in a meeting with reporters, Lee Kang-in and others asked if he would join the European group, and he said that he would come forward directly.

September, when the Asian Games are held, is the time when major European leagues start for the 2023-24 season.

Since the Asian Games are not organized by the International Football Federation (FIFA), their teams are not obliged to respond to the selection of the national team.

European players who can join the Asian Games team include Lee Kang-in (Mallorca), Oh Hyun-kyu (Celtic), Hong Hyun-seok (Ghent), and Jung Woo-young (Freiburg).

Director Hwang said, “I have been to Japan, and I plan to go to Europe as well.”

▲ Hwang Seon-hong, coach of the Asian Games team, interviewed at the Paju National Team Training Center on the 15th. ⓒKorea Football Association

— Impressions of the convocation

“It’s so nice to see the players bright after convening after March. The K-League is very fierce, and I thank the club officials and coaches for their cooperation and I will make it a good time.”

–It is a temporary call, but is it the schedule originally planned

? “My plan is to call all year round. (Laughs) Because the league is very competitive, it is quite difficult to call unless it is during the A match period. Fortunately, the coaches gave me a little good opportunity. In a short time But I think it will be a very valuable time for us to share tactically with the players. We will put this time to good use.”

–I observed K-League for a long time. What kind of players can these K-Leagues gathered now, including not only this generation but also the previous generation and the previous generation, be

? I think that the competitiveness of Korean soccer will be significantly different depending on how much these players grow in the future rather than how they look right now. So, I plan to induce these players to develop further through the Asian Games and the Olympics.”

–The names of the 2nd line strikers summoned this time are top-level players in Korean football to the extent that they even go up and down in the national team. How do you plan the striker?

“I have a lot of worries about the striker part. The side midfield is very competitive. No one can guarantee that they will go to the Asian Games. i think it’s the length

▲ Oh Hyun-kyu is mentioned as one of the candidates for the forward striker of the Asian Games national team.

–How will you solve your concerns about the frontline striker? There are also wild cards.

“I’m also thinking about the wild card. But also, players who have advanced overseas have some issues with their teams, so I’m a little concerned about those things and I’m thinking about the B plan. –There

are many young players who have already completed their military service. In terms of motivation, the criteria for selecting players must be different from the Asian Games national team of the previous generation

. I can think of several things. It is difficult to calculate just like that. It’s true that it falls on the motivational level, but that’s not all. You have to first think about whether you can go together as a team towards the goal. I plan to pick the last 22 players after considering various situations.” — As for

the wild card plan .

We are thinking of selecting players who can be of some help in positions we are lacking in.” –What

is the most important ability in selecting players?

“It is the original team. Because it is a tournament and a short-term game, the most important thing is how much we can compete as a team. We plan to select players who can go towards one goal.”

▲ Director Hwang Seon-hong announced that there are 10 Asian Games wild card candidates. ⓒKorea Football Association

–In this age group, there are players who performed very well in the 20-year-old World Cup four years ago.

At that time, you may have the confidence that you can do what you think will positively affect the national team, and that we have shown an edge in the world and competition, but on the other hand, the glory of the past will guarantee the present . I don’t think it’s possible. Therefore, I think that the future is more important than the past, and I plan to select players who can go along with it and nurture them.”

–It is said that the 2nd line is fierce, but I think you are thinking about Lee Kang-in’s weight.

“It’s difficult to tell everything in general. I have an idea of ​​how to use it in my head. Right now, I’m playing a lot in the side midfield, and it’s much better than before. But the key is how competitive I can be in other positions.

We Since there is plenty of time for the call-up in September, I will communicate with him at that time and induce him to play well and play his favorite position.”

–There is an A match period in June. There will definitely be players who overlap with the A team. If you have a wish for this.

“I discussed with coach Klinsman. In the current situation, it has been sorted out to some extent. I am not too worried because communication with the A team is going well. “

▲ Son Heung-min, who played as a wild card for the 2018 Jakarta Palembang Asian Games soccer team.

–It is very rare for ball games to win 3 gold medals in a row at the Asian Games. Is it a motivation or a burden?

“My shoulders are very heavy. It’s a burden if it’s a burden and it’s a situation that can’t be avoided, so I think it’s very important to work with confidence. I will try to make it a tournament that can bring joy to the people.”

–According to rumors, there are rumors that North Korea will now return to international competitions through this event.

“There is too little information. We talked about it while eating lunch today. I think we should go to the field with our analyst and look at the team’s level and various situations. It’s a veiled team, so I hope we don’t meet if possible.”

–Which team are you likely to compete with for the gold medal?토토사이트

“There are many strong teams. Uzbekistan and Japan are continuing their training right now. Also, the Middle East, led by Saudi Arabia, is very strong. Southeast Asia is also at a very good stage of development. Stands out.

If we prepare well, I think there will be no shortage against those teams. I think the result will vary a lot depending on how we prepare and how we hold the tournament.”

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