Did you buy Ronaldo for nothing? Al Nasr’s smile disappeared after two games

Laughter disappeared in just two games.

The British media ‘Mirror’ reported on the 30th (Korean time) that ‘Al Nasr has confirmed that the contract plan for Cristiano Ronaldo has been changed after just two games’.

The Mirror said: ‘Ronaldo failed to score in two appearances for his new club Al Nasr. It seems that the club’s plans for him have changed.’

Al-Nassr signed a two-and-a-half-year contract with Ronaldo for $173 million per year (about 270 billion won). Al Nasr gave Ronaldo the highest salary in professional football history. The expectations were so high.

However, it seems that Ronaldo’s performance was disappointing. “Ronaldo will not end his career at Al Nasr. He will return to Europe,” said Al Nasr coach Rudy García. 안전놀이터

Literally, it could be a compliment that Ronaldo’s skills are still at the top level, so he will be called again on the European stage. The Mirror interpreted this as ‘I decided there was no reason to keep Ronaldo for two and a half years’.

García had no hesitation in criticizing Ronaldo, saying, “The game changed when we missed opportunities in the first half.”

The Mirror said, ‘Garcia pointed out Ronaldo without hesitation. Ronaldo’s positioning overlapped too much with his teammate Anderson Taliska,” he added.

However, Ronaldo hinted at his retirement by joining Al Nasr.

“I’m done with Europe. I’ve won all the competitions I wanted in Europe. I feel that now is the right time. I’m here to share my experience in Asia,” he said, hinting that Al-Nassr will be the last team.

Sky Sports commentator Jamie Carragher compared, “In a way, it’s a sad ending for Ronaldo. Ronaldo’s career as a player was effectively over when he interviewed Piers Morgan. At that time, Lionel Messi won the World Cup.”

The interview Carragher described took place right before the World Cup. Ronaldo, who was at Manchester United at the time, conducted an opinionated interview. He lashed out at Manchester United executives and manager Eric ten Haag. As a result, Ronaldo terminated his contract with Manchester United and moved to Al Nasr.

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