Daegu Unveils New Season Uniform ‘Will To Win’

Professional football K League 1 Daegu FC unveiled the 2023 season uniform’Will To Win’ on the 6th.

Daegu FC unveiled a new uniform to embroider the ground in the 2023 season with kit partner Goal Studio. The 2023 season uniform embodies the flame shape in the Daegu FC emblem, and the ‘Will To Win’ logo pattern, which contains 안전놀이터the desire for victory, is subtly expressed through embossing, and gives a sparkling feeling when exposed to light, so that Daegu FC players on the ground shine the most. intended

A classic point was given by introducing a collar to the uniform, and navy blue was applied to the uniform marking and sponsor logo to add weight to the sky blue uniform. In addition, Daegu FC’s old slogan, ‘Our Football Team’, is worn on the left sleeve, and ‘Powerful Daegu’, the municipal slogan of Daegu Metropolitan City, is printed in red on the right sleeve.

The functional aspect of the uniform was also added. Ventilation holes are inserted in the side and the player’s uniform number to facilitate sweating, and the weight of the marking is much lighter than that of the previous year. In the marking, a design with a motif of contrails wishing to advance to the ACL in the 2024 season was added, expressing the will to win. In addition, the ‘Pride of Daegu’ patch, given only to season ticket purchasers, was attached under the uniform emblem to increase the pride of Daegu FC as the players competed in the game.

For the home uniform, sky blue, the symbolic color of Daegu FC, was applied to the top, and the bottom was in navy blue to express the strong spirit of the players. each was produced.

Also, from this year, children’s uniforms (5XS, 2XS) can be purchased at a lower price as warrior print uniforms by collecting opinions from family fans who felt burdened by the fact that children’s and adult uniforms were the same price.

The newly released Daegu FC 2023 season uniform ‘Will To Win’ will be shown to fans for the first time as an away uniform in the K League 1 round 1 away match against Pohang on the 26th, and the home uniform will be released on March 4th at 4pm. 30:00 DGB Daegu Bank Park will be worn during the home opening game against Jeju.

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