Daegu FC ’14R Best 11 3′ selected…FA Cup Round of 16 against Suwon ‘squad change’?

Following a thrilling 1-0 win away to Daejeon in the last round, Daegu FC had three players named to the Korean Football Association’s Round 14 Best 11.

Go Jae-hyun, who scored the game-winning goal that secured Daegu FC’s first back-to-back wins of the season, was one of four midfielders selected, while central defender Hong Jung-woon, who anchored the back line, and Hwang Jae-won, who was active on the flanks and in attack and recorded his first assist of the season, were named to the Best 11 defenders.스포츠토토

With three players named to the league’s Best 11 alongside Ulsan and Jeonbuk, Daegu FC continues its upward trajectory as it holds onto sixth place in the league.

Facing a grueling schedule of eight games in the last five weeks between late April and this week, including the FA Cup, Daegu FC’s three wins, two draws, and one loss in their first six games is the third-best in the league behind Ulsan and Jeju, giving them a leg up on the competition.

With six games under their belt, Daegu FC has two games left: an FA Cup away round of 16 tie against Suwon Samsung in Suwon on Thursday and a regular season round of 15 tie against Incheon United at home on Saturday.

While Daegu has been on a good run, the team’s squad is not very deep, with most players continuing to play without any major changes, barring injuries.

In particular, Go Jae-hyun, the team’s top scorer, Kim Jin-hyuk, who has been putting on a show with his saves, and Hwang Jae-won, who has been dominating the side, have played all 14 games in the league, so there were concerns about fatigue and injuries.

It will be interesting to see what kind of squad Daegu FC will field for their away FA Cup round of 16 match against Suwon Samseong, as the team’s fitness and injury concerns coexist with the need to continue their upward trend.

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