Chansung Chung “Volkanovski, just respect… Consequences that do not matter”

‘Korean Zombie’ Jeong Chan-sung paid respect to Volkanovski.

Previously, UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev (31, Russia) defeated featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski (34, Australia) by decision.

Before the game, Makhachev issued a warning, saying that he was different from other opponents, including Volkanovski’s former opponent, Jeong Chan-sung, and succeeded in the first defense.

Meanwhile, Jung Chan-sung applauded Volkanovski. Immediately after the game, he posted on social media (SNS), “The result is not important. Great, great, just respect,” he said, referring to Volkanovski.

In the main event of UFC 284: Makachev vs Volkanovski at the RAC Arena in Perth, Australia on the 12th (Korean time), Makachev defeated Volkanovski by unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46). .

It was a famous match. It was the first P4P (Pound for Pound) 1st vs 2nd place fight in UFC history. Makhachev surprised his opponents in Volkanovski’s area of ​​striking, and Volkanovski in Makhachev’s area of ​​grappling.

In the beginning, it started as an exploration game. Volkanovski measured the distance by constantly changing stances. Makachev, who was in better physical condition, kicked intermittently and did not allow close range.

Finally Volkanovski’s right hand straight punch landed and Makachev shook slightly. However, Makachev obtained a knockdown in the ensuing close-range fistfight. He then took Volkanovski’s back position and took it to the ground and controlled it.

In the second round, Volkanovski upped the gears. He aggressively advanced and threw a punch that forced Makachev to step back. He allowed a takedown, but showed the ability to get up quickly. However, when there was a gap due to the excessive advance, Makachev’s left straight punch went straight. Volkanovski was shocked and staggered back.

After a fierce 3rd round, Makachev threw a winning number in the 4th round. Makhachev successfully landed a well-timed counter takedown on the advancing Volkanovski. Volkanovski was caught off guard because he had been relatively sparing on takedown shots and had been engaging in strikes. Makhachev took control of Volkanovski’s bag and locked the bodylock until the end of the round. It seemed that Makachev was consolidating his victory.

The 5th round miracle almost happened. Makachev looked increasingly tired, staring at the time on the big screen as if hoping the game would be over soon. Volkanovski tirelessly moved forward and pressed Makhachev. Makhachev attempted a takedown, but Volkanovski blocked them all.

And finally, he knocked down Makachev with a right hand overhand hook. Volkanovski followed to the ground and landed a pounding punch to finish, but Makhachev survived.

In the end, Makachev won by decision. But there were no losers. Everyone expected an easy victory from Makachev, but Volkanovski pushed the top division champion to the end.

In an interview after the match, winner Makachev said, “I showed why I am number one in P4P. Other players need to improve further. Whether you like it or not, I am the best fighter in the world right now,” he said.

“I knew I was well prepared,” said the loser Volkanovski. It was a fun match. Congratulations to Islam,” he accepted defeat.

The next challenge is already waiting for Volkanovski. This is because Yair Rodriguez (30, Mexico) became the interim UFC featherweight champion in the co-main event.

Volkanovski vowed to return to featherweight for a unified title fight. He said, “I said before that I would continue to be active in featherweight안전놀이터. He’ll be back at lightweight. But for now, I’ll start with featherweight. Congratulations to Rodriguez,” he said, welcoming the next challenger.

In the co-main event, Rodriguez defeated Josh Emmett (37, USA) with a rear naked choke to become the interim UFC featherweight champion.

Rodriguez went on the offensive first. Rodriguez harassed Emmett with a body kick and punch combination.

But Emmett wasn’t easy either. Rodriguez’s attack drove him near the cage, but countered with a big right hook counter. Shocked, Rodriguez was knocked back and fell, and Emmett took top position and controlled it until the end of the round.

In the second round, the match began to lean towards Rodriguez. Rodriguez accumulated damage by spreading leg kicks, body kicks, and head kicks evenly. Emmett struggled with body kicks in particular, and his stamina declined rapidly. Rodriguez approached Emmett, who had stopped advancing, and inflicted a great blow with a short-range elbow.

Rodriguez drove the momentum and landed a flying knee. Emmett endured it and took Rodriguez to the ground.

At this point, Rodriguez threw a triangle choke and surrendered. Emmett, who suffered damage and lost concentration, could not resist.

“I practiced this submission,” Rodriguez said. I have won with this in the past, but today I saw an opportunity, so I remembered it,” he explained the finish scene. “Today, I was able to overcome adversity and adjust to win. That’s why I’m really happy,” he said, expressing his feeling of becoming the interim champion.

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