Busan Middle School wins the Busan Youth Sports Festival in 12 years… Participated in the May Youth Sports Festival Busan representative

Busan Middle School Baseball Department won the 2023 Busan Metropolitan City Boys Sports Competition baseball competition. Busan Middle School, which has reached the highest peak in Busan in 12 years, will participate in the National Youth Sports Festival held in Ulsan next month as Busan’s representative and challenge to become the nation’s strongest team.토토사이트

Busan Middle School defeated Kaesong Middle School 6-5 in the final match held at Dream Ball Park of Gijang Hyundai Motor Company in Gijang-gun, Busan on the 8th to win the championship. Busan Middle School enjoyed the joy of winning the championship by beating Kaesong Middle School with an RBI from captain Kang Do-yoon.

Busan Middle School advanced to the final by beating Daedong Middle School 7-0 and Centum Middle School 15-13 in this tournament where 8 teams competed in a tournament format. At Busan Middle School, key 3rd year players such as Kang Do-yoon, Ahn Jun-seo, Kim Min-seo, and Park Eui-jin made great strides in each game and achieved good results.

Busan Middle School coach Cha Jung-jae said, “The players devoted themselves to the team’s victory and focused on the game to achieve good results.” .

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